Recipe: Potato-Crusted Salmon with Herb Salad (+ organizing tip)

In my quest to cook more, I'm really digging through my magazines and online venues for new recipes. Here's my routine for keeping it all organized:

1. Magazines - Go through magazines immediately and tear out any recipes I like - then pitch the magazine! (Otherwise it sits forever on the table) I bought sheet protectors ($14 for 200) and a couple of binders ($2 each). Then, I take the recipe - put it in a sheet protector and into the binder it goes! I'm up to 2 binders now! It's nice to have everything organized - finally!

2. Online - When I find a recipe I like - I email it to myself with the recipe name in the Subject line. Then I put them all in a mail folder called Recipes. When I'm looking for something or menu planning for the next week - I hit the folder and pick out a couple of items. Then I print them off and take them home. (then sheet protector & binder like above)

Right now my two recipe magazines are Food & Wine (thanks to the Coca Cola points) and Everyday Food (thanks to my friend Danielle - found it at her house and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!).

Finally - onto the recipe!

While perusing Food & Wine, I found this one. We like salmon. We like potatoes. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (Well Salmon dinner I guess) As always - I have to modify for my lack of preparedness: no chives, regular mustard instead of dijon and iceberg lettuce.

First the potatoes - I just used the frozen Ore-ida hashbrowns (let them thaw in the microwave for the afternoon first). Mix them with a little flour, salt & pepper. I used a little less of everything since the recipe called for 4 - 8 oz salmon and I had 4 - 4 oz pieces.

Here's my salmon - I think it's from Meijer. It's definitely not as good as the "meat counter" but sometimes I need prepackaged and easy.

So I laid out the salmon - salt & pepper each of them - then grab a handful of potatoes and sort of "push" them onto the salmon.

Here was the tough part. There's nothing to bind the potatoes together and you're supposed to put it potato-side down. So really - just making hashbrowns and laying salmon on top - but I tried to keep them together as best I could.

While that was cooking - I made the salad dressing. I never really thought about how easy it is to make dressing! This took like 2 seconds and was really tasty!!!! (lemon juice, mustard, olive oil, salt & pepper)

All I had in the house was iceberg lettuce and some hardboiled eggs - so that was my salad. Tossed the dressing in. It was light and refreshing and still very flavorful! I will definitely do this again...

Here's the final product with my salmon/potatoes. The potatoes were really good and the salmon was fine. I still think that this recipe was missing something. It needed something to hold the potatoes together better (cream cheese maybe) and the whole dish was lacking in acidity. I guess that's what the salad was for but I think next time adding in some veges with the potatoes would be good (mushrooms, peppers) for a texture variety and maybe a little extra salad dressing to drizzle on top or just fresh squeezed lemon.

Overall, I really enjoyed the recipe and it was easy to make. I think with some experimentation - it could get even better! Any other ideas on what to do to zing it up a bit?
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