Greek for Breakfast? Sure - why not!

My husband and I were trolling around last week trying to find a new breakfast spot to try and stumbled across the Athenian Restaurant on Reading Rd in Sharonville.

I've been wanting to go since I love Greek food - so even though it was breakfast it seemed like a fine time to at least check it out. There are a lot of regulars and they must work early early EARLY because it was only 930am and out of 10 people - I was the only one ordering breakfast!

Larry got in and suddenly decided he needed lunch too and got a gyro combo. There was no tsatziki sauce and it was dry. We quickly realized this is a diner that also has a couple Greek items on the menu - and not the other way around. Not a bad thing - just something to realize going in.

I got the gyro breakfast. The eggs were cooked perfectly and this was not a greasy breakfast AT ALL! Seriously - it was all actually fairly dry. The potatoes didn't have much flavor and were dry. The meat - well - it's not like the kind they shave off the spit. This was more like a Greek version of Steak-ums and it was really dry.

Why Should You Go? I think if I'd gone in looking for diner food - I would have been fine. Just know that if you want Greek food - don't go here. The staff was very friendly, service was quick and the meals weren't bad - they just weren't Greek. :-( But we'd go back for a burger or something like that.

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