Boobtastic BBQ

Yeah - I said it - Boobtastic BBQ. There's only one place you can get that - KT's Barbecue in Reading.

I'm not much for stuff like this - I think it's pretty dumb. When he first put the mannequins out there and it was on the news - I pretty much thought, "Um I don't want to go there."

So why did I go? Well Larry and I were hungry and wanted something different than fast food. And we were on the way back from his work on Reading Rd. So there she was - beckoning us to come on in.

She has a "girlfriend" inside the store too. 

Parking can be a bit of a mystery but he has an agreement with the car wash next door - so feel free to park there as long as you're not blocking a bay. It's basically take-out only with a table in front of the store if you're so inclined.

Larry and I each got a pulled pork sandwich ($4.99) and sides ($1.35 each). I think the sandwich came with chips as well.

Sandwich - he microwaved the meat before putting it in the sandwich and there's no sauce. But it wasn't too bad. The sauce is vinegary and thin but has a kick to it. Overall - I liked the sandwich. Not mind-blowing - but not bad either.

Potato Salad - didn't like. It wasn't creamy - more vinegary.

Cornbread - didn't like. It was dry and not very sweet. I know cornbread is very much a matter of taste - some folks probably love it.

Baked Beans (not pictured) - Larry didn't say much but he ate them and said they were good. He's kinda picky - so I take that as a compliment.

The owner is very vocal and can sometimes rub people the wrong way. He's definitely got a New Yorker vibe going on from his time there. But - I like that he's open and honest and chatty. I mentioned I was a blogger and whoooo - that sparked a conversation!! I have to say though - it's a local place and I like supporting that.

Why Should You Go? Well I wanted to love the food - because he's got such a big personality and it's very near to my house - but I didn't. It was okay. It was an eventful stop and I think that's always fun. And - I did like my sandwich.

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