Get Naked! (Pizza that is)

I was hungry hungry hungry for pizza last week but wanted something different. I love my Italianette but it's pretty heavy. I'd heard about Naked Pizza and that it was a lighter, healthier option so I decided to give it a try. 

They deliver - in the Hyde Park/Oakley area - but not all the way to Pleasant Ridge so I just called in and drove over to pick it up. Their site is helpful with all the different kinds of pizzas they have and with their allergen info!

It's a cute storefront - oh how I miss the Roly Poly. We don't have ANY left in Cinci. :-(

We got the Omnivore - pepperoni, hamburger, ham, bell pepper, mushroom, black olive.  (10 inch - $12.99)

It was a good pizza - not amazing but good. You could definitely appreciate the fresher ingredient and crust.

I also got an order of Cheesy Breadsticks ($5.99) and was asked if I wanted to add basil. I did. Two things on this add:

1. The guy didn't tell me it was an additional charge - but it was. Found that out on my bill. Maybe they should mention that.

2. Hubby is not a fan of basil - at least not in the form of big leaves of it. I thought they were okay but a little pungent. He took one bite and was done. I wouldn't do the basil again.

Why Should You Go? If you're looking for a "healthier" pizza with better ingredients - I think you should try it. If you're looking for something for a crowd - it's probably a more expensive option. I did like it but due to the fact that I have to pick it up and there's no dine-in - not sure how often I'll order again.

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