Monday, June 6, 2011

Loving Hut Vegan Cafe

Loving Hut Vegan Cafe is another one of those places I've driven by THOUSANDS of times but never stopped. It's so close to my house - but it's vegan - and that's not always on the top of my list for hunger desires!
I love the sign - all the hearts are so cute. The menu is pretty expansive - you order at the counter so it's good to look online before you go.

The menu is printed up for you to review and on the wall - much of the food is visible in the cases as well. They also have specials. It's a very bright and happy place.

Raw cheesecake - we were too full to try it - but it did look colorful and fun. Who doesn't want to eat purple food?

We each got a side- Julie tried their split pea soup which was made with tapioca instead of cream. She really enjoyed it and said you couldn't tell a bit of difference. I had the vegan macaroni and cheese and it was fantastic! ($3 each)

I went for the grilled veggie panini ($6) - it has vegetables and vegan cheese. It was pretty good. The cheese doesn't taste like cheese - but it's not bad. I enjoyed the veggies. I think a lot of their menu has "fake meat" rather than vegetables - which seems odd to me. I liked this although after half - the taste of the cheese was getting to me a bit.

Julie got the plain grilled cheese ($3) and liked it pretty well but agreed the cheese doesn't really taste like cheese.

Why Should You Go? I think it's fun to try - I do remember trying something one other time that was akin to General Tso's "Chicken". I liked it a lot when it was hot - once it was warm - not as good. I think it's definitely worth stopping again and trying something else. I liked what I got but didn't love it.

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