Street Truck Bar-B-Que

I've only driven down Montgomery Rd through Pleasant Ridge into Norwood about 10,000 times. And about 9,999 of those times I've said, "I should go to that BBQ truck!". I finally did.

Typically I've hesitated for two reasons:

1. The store across the street is SHADY - I can't help it - it creeps me out. It's just a convenience store but from what I can tell they aren't just selling sodas.

2. I never have cash on me. I just kinda figured with a food truck like this - you'd need cash. So this day - I went and got cash. Guess what? They take credit cards!

The menu has quite a few things on it - I had a hard time deciding! I decided to try some rib tips. The rib tip dinner with two sides - $8. (I selected the SMALL.)

THAT is the small portion?! Wowza! I never really knew what rib tips were - but the guy in the truck grabbed ribs out of the pan and took a meat cleaver to them. They definitely did NOT skimp on sauce and it had a nice kick to it. 

The sides were a mixed bag - I didn't love the coleslaw but the mac & cheese was really great. 

Why Should You Go? I think it's definitely worth a try. The rib tips are a little annoying to eat for my tastes - there isn't a lot of meat on each piece. I think next time I would try a pulled pork and there will be a next time!  It's definitely a good deal - we were pleasantly surprised by amount of food for $8! 

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