Giveaway Day: Buffalo Wild Wings!!!

The folks at BW3s are back with another Food Hussy giveaway! Last time - they offered up a taste of their fun seasonings and I really enjoyed them - as did one of my readers! 

This time they've brought back two sauces that were favorites of many - the Smoky Southwestern and Captain Morgan. I'm not much of a wing person - usually I get the tacos of all things - but I decided I had to give it a try! 

I'm not a fan of rum - so I went with traditional wings and had 1/2 with the Smoky Southwestern and 1/2 with the Honey BBQ. Then I upgraded my lunch special to wedges with cheese - which was a good thing because I needed something to mellow the spice!

The honey bbq were okay - don't let the name fool you - they're spicy!!! Now on the scale of spicy - they're on the mild end - but it was definitely spicy enough for me! I really enjoyed the smokiness in the smoky southwestern and it still had a lot of spice to it. I would definitely get that one again!

Larry is a bit boring at BW3s though and always always ALWAYS gets the same thing: boneless wings with mild buffalo and fries. And as always - he ate the whole thing and loved it! 

Giveaway Time!!!!

So leave a message here and let me know which of the sauces at BW3's you love and/or which of the two sauces they brought back you'd like to try (Captain Morgan or Smoky Southwestern). 

If you tweet or facebook the message (and please mention @foodhussy) then post here that you did so - you'll get an extra entry!

What's at stake? A $25 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings! 

This giveaway is also good to all the non-Cincinnati Food Hussy friends as well - if you have a BW3s near you - then enter!!!! I'll draw a winner next week...

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