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Time to giveaway the $85 gift certificate to the Marquee Cafe at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN! Thanks again for the mega burger experience - it was a blast. If you didn't read that one - it's a must see - the pictures were great fun!

The winner is #7 - MrJCD - I'll be emailing him and getting his info - thanks so much for all the entries! I've got some good giveaways coming - Skyline, Honey Baked Ham and more!!! 

But now - a quick pictureless blog review! 

I thought for sure I had reviewed Betta's Italian Oven in Norwood before but apparently I hadn't. Oye vay. 

I went last night for dinner with my sister before she headed back to Korea this morning - I feel horrible that THIS was her last meal. 

I ordered a bianco pizza with goat cheese, mushrooms and kalamata olives. They brought the pizza with bleu cheese. I told them it was bleu cheese. The owner came out, pulled up a chair and told me I was wrong because he KNEW it was goat cheese. Then he later said "I'm 99% sure - unless the kid made a mistake." He made a mistake - trust me. I think bleu cheese tastes like feet - goat cheese tastes like cream cheese. I know the difference. They offered to make me another pizza - I said no thanks. I was just going to eat a couple pieces of my friend's pepperoni. He insisted - so I said sure - he decided he was going to make me a special pizza. 

He made me a bianco pizza with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. It was fine but I didn't love it either. There was NO cheese on it - and we all know I love cheese. And honestly - the bianco pizza just has too  much garlic. Funny thing is - when we were discussing the bleu vs. goat cheese - he told me that it wasn't the cheese I wasn't liking - it was the bianco "sauce" which is garlic & olive oil. He even made a face like he thought it was gross. THEN WHY MAKE ME ANOTHER PIZZA WITH IT??? 

Ugh - so onto my sister's debacle. She ordered the Filo Chicken. The chicken was dry and it was smothered (and I mean SMOTHERED) with this gravy. We all tasted it and thought it was basically sausage gravy without the sausage. You know - the thick white gravy you get at Frisch's! Seemed odd to get that at an Italian restaurant - but oh well. Well sis hated it - she scraped it all off - and was wishing she could see the menu again because she didn't remember any mention of gravy. Turns out - it was alfredo sauce???!!! That was the thickest, gloppiest, graviest alfredo I've ever seen. Not. Good. 

Our friend Lou got pizza with red sauce and sausage and pepperoni - it was fine. Their pizza is baked in the wood oven and I do like the crust and texture. But after my sis' and my food issues - we won't be back. 

Also want to note service - our server was extremely friendly and nice. None of this was his problem or fault (well except when he gave me the wrong salad dressing - ugh - it was that kind of a night). I was also a little surprised that I got charged for my pizza - I ate one piece of the first one and one piece of the second one and didn't ask for a box. 

Why Should You Go. We should have gone to Pomodori's. Nuff said. 

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