Skyline @Home and GIVEAWAY DAY!

Here's something I don't ever get the chance to do - blog while I'm eating the food! But today (last Friday actually) I'm trying the Skyline Chili shelf-stable chili spaghetti for my lunch. I work from home now - so blogging while I'm eating is so easy!

If you didn't know about this product - it JUST came out in the last couple of weeks. Skyline is really excited about the new line and sent samples to some of us bloggers so we could let you know about them.

It's like most products of it's kind - peel back the wrap a little and pop it in the microwave. Easy peasy!

I didn't have the Skyline finely shredded cheese on hand - but I did have some other shredded cheddar so I topped it with that. After 90 seconds - the chili spaghetti was hot & bubbly with the familiar Skyline smell filling my kitchen.

How's it taste? Pretty good! It's a little spicier than I've ever noticed in the restaurant. With this version - the chili & spaghetti are mixed together - which I never do (I was told you're supposed to cut the layers with your fork) - but it tastes really good and is less watery than the in-restaurant version. It also appears meatier! I think I like this better!

(nom..nom..nom..time passes)

Wow - I'm definitely full - it looks small but there's a lot food in that little bowl. Of course it would have been better with the Skyline cheese - but I really liked it! I definitely will have to pick up a couple packs for my husband - since he's not much of a cook - he'll like the convenience of it.

And now for the Giveaway!

The generous folks at Skyline are going to ship a case (6 packages) of the new chili spaghetti to one lucky Food Hussy reader! Because we're in Cincinnati and because this what we're famous for - I'm hoping to break the record for entries. Don't let me down!!! And not to worry - if you're not in Cinci - you can still win! That's the best part - Skyline Chili-Spaghetti goes in the mail!!! (So for all you 'Nati folks that have moved - you can have that taste of home too!)

Get your entry fingers ready - here are ways to enter. With each entry - leave a comment here and your contact info (twitter, email, etc...).

1. Leave a comment on this blog post - tell me if you're looking forward to trying the chili spaghetti or the plain chili (I'm saving that to make coneys!).

2. Tweet about the giveaway - be sure to mention @foodhussy and @skyline_chili (and comment here so I know you did!)

3. Facebook about the giveaway - be sure to post a link to the giveaway (and comment here so I know you did!)

4. Follow the Food Hussy blog (and comment here so I know you did!)

Multiple entries are encouraged - the more times you enter - the more chances you get to have six packages of yummy chili spaghetti on your doorstep!

Giveaway ends next Monday 8/29!

Also - wanted to add - that South Korea will by trying the Skyline as well! My sister took a package back with her for her co-teacher to try! So South Korea - welcome to the world of Skyline!
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