ABC's of Dining: Pera Mediterranean

For the ABC's of Dining - the public voted and chose Pera Mediterranean which is in Mt Lookout square in the former location of Betta's.

Since we're on a budget, we decided to try out their $5 lunch menu.  Parking is always a challenge on the square but we headed up Delta a bit and found plenty of free open spots just a block away!

I got the Fettucini and added shrimp. The dish - according to their online menu says it came with tomatoes, mushrooms and a cheese sauce. Well - I see the cheese sauce. (Crickets) Yeah - I added shrimp but didn't think that meant I would be subtracting tomatoes & mushrooms. The fettucini on it's own is $5, adding shrimp was $2.95.

The taste on the alfredo was fine and the shrimp was good. The portion is small - which seems like a bit of a gip when we're talking about pasta and some sauce - it's like 50 cents worth of pasta & sauce for $5 - give me a portion size that's worth it!

Larry got the chicken sandwich which was served in tortilla bread and came with chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce ($5). It was pretty good - not that big (again) and no side items.

Somehow our $5 lunch came out to nearly $20 without the tip! I think the $2.50/soda was a RIP OFF! I mean - $5 for fountain pop!?!

Why Should You Go? Well - our food tasted fine but the disappointment over my lack of vegetables and the cost of the soda left us with a "not so much" feeling on the thought of a return visit. I did feel bad for not really trying anything "mediterranean" but I just wasn't in the mood. Meh - doubt we'll go back - especially since Cafe Mediterranean is back open again. (Their website does not list their new address in Blue Ash but Urbanspoon does.)

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