FroYo Baby!

My husband is working for one of the best pizza places in the city now - it's just part-time - but it's perfect for his busy schedule since he's also in school. On his delivery route - he spotted a frozen yogurt shop and decided to treat me - yeah for me! 

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is a chain that's in about half of the US. Here in the Cincinnati area there are currently 3 locations (Kenwood, West Chester & Colerain) with 3 more coming (Anderson, Harpers Point & Hyde Park).

The unique thing about Orange Leaf is that it's self-serve! The inside is so bright and happy - I loved it! You just walk over - grab a cup - and go! The fun thing is you can get a little bit of a variety of flavors and try it all! Just watch yourself - remember - you pay for the weight! They also have a TON of flavors - here's their overall menu.

They also have a lot of fun toppings - Larry went for the fruit - I went for the junk. I had wedding cake & chocolate and let me say - the wedding cake flavor was fantastic! Larry went for orange and strawberry - he loved both as well. He's actually been bugging me to go back ever since.

Why Should You Go? It's delicious - just watch the toppings since you pay by weight.

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