WTF is Up with Dishwasher Tabs????

Okay - what the hell is going on with dishwasher tabs? I used to love these things - no mess, no fuss, drop it in and blam-o! CLEAN DISHES! 

I've read that they have stopped putting phosphates in dishwasher detergent because of pollution - well I want them back - pollution or not! My dishes aren't getting clean and the stupid tabs don't even dissolve!!!! 

I now hand wash my dishes and use the dishwasher as a drying rack. This sucks. 

Here's the evidence of the crapitude: 

That is what was left AFTER the load ran through!!!!! I've tried 3 different brands and it's all the same. With the all liquid ones - I just cut them open and squeeze the stuff into the cup - but it still isn't cleaning for shit. There are lots of folks complaining about the same things online.

I'm going to switch to the traditional liquid and or powder and see if those make a difference - I just have been getting good deals on the tabs. Of course - not a good deal if it doesn't work.

Anybody else having issues?

Here are a couple of articles about the phosphate free detergent and other folks having same problems:

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