Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese - wowza!

I've heard lots of peeps rave about Tom + Chee - I had only been once when it was on Fountain Square and wasn't too excited. So - I decided to give it another shot - and see their new physical location on Court Street. 

The menu is up on boards around you when you walk in and is pretty overwhelming. I know this is popular - but when your menu is this big - it's hard to make a decision when you're standing in line with impatient customers.

I was with a couple of friends and it was a week ago - so sadly I don't remember what this is. But Ryan was pretty happy with his lunch and I have to say - their Grilled Cheese side salad ($5 on it's own) looked awesome! So many veggies and chunks of grilled cheese groutons! You can't go wrong there!

Beth, my gluten-free friend was rebelling and going for the gluten with her sandwich (again - don't remember) and the tomato soup of the day. She also was happy. We were noting that the sandwiches are a bit greasy...

I decided to be a little crazy and go for the grilled macaroni & cheese grilled cheese - along with a cup of broccoli cheese soup. The macaroni & cheese grilled cheese is as decadent and rich as it sounds - it was good but heavy and a bit greasy (shocker). I'm not expecting health food - OBVIOUSLY - but all three of us felt the sandwiches were a little too greasy.

The soup was a huge standout! I'm not usually a fan of soups that don't have chunks in them - this was fairly pureed with little specs of broccoli throughout but it was DELICIOUS! I would go back for this soup for sure! And I might get that salad that looked so awesome!

Yes - looking at that again, I think my arteries are hardening as we speak.

Why Should You Go? Well - again - after a second try - I'm not a huge fan. It was fine - but probably not a place I would choose given the chance. The soup was really great and the salad was big! This location is also VERY busy during the lunch hour - so expect some awkward time giving people the stink eye so you can get a table.

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