Frozen Lunch Review: Lean Cuisine Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce

Yup - back again with my packed lunch. Up today is the Lean Cuisine Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce from their Culinary Collection line. I've been eating a lot of Lean Cuisine's because of their new Delicious Rewards program. There's a code on the inside of the box and if you enter 25 codes by March 31 - you get a free lunch bag!  I'm up to 7 - only 18 more to go!

 My tummy was drawn to this one - not by the springs of basil (really?) but mainly by the chicken, pasta, creamy sauce and vegetables.

And I have to say - the box photo is a pretty good representation of the actual food! Nice job! 

Here are my notes:
  • Flavor - once I added salt, it's really tasty. I think this has a little much black pepper - I'm not a fan. The vegetables are crunchy and the pasta is cooked well. I don't taste much basil and the sauce is fairly bland.
  • Meat - Chicken is good but a little "processed" tasting - like the texture of chicken nugget meat
  • Time - directions say 5 minutes - I cooked it for 4 and it's good (it was one of those 3 min - then stir and go 2 more - I was too hungry to stir and wait) 
  • Cooking - Excellent - no issues! 
  • Cost - $2.75 no coupons this week :-( for LC
  • Nutrition - 230 calories, 6 grams fat (w00t!)
  • Allergens - milk, wheat, egg
  • Fullness Factor - my side item today is a Jello Temptation - Double Chocolate Pie - mm mm good! 

So again - I'll give this a thumbs up! I think I would definitely buy this one again.

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