Frozen Lunch Review! Zatarain's Big Easy Rice Bowl

I'm really trying to save money and one of the biggest money-wasters for me is eating out at lunch. When I started my new job - it just became a habit and I was out probably 4 days a week! That was just too expensive so I'm transitioning to eating lunch at work.

While I like to cook and bring leftovers - life right now is a little insane - so I've been in frozen meal land - which isn't so bad. I'm also a couponer - so I try and get deals whenever possible.

With all of this - I've decided to review the lunches - and hopefully find out from you what your favorites are so I can try those! We all know - some are awful and some are pretty damn tasty!

I think the package shot is key because how much like the package does it really look? And seriously - who ever takes their frozen stuff out of the package and puts it in a real bowl????

This is red beans & rice with chicken and cheddar cheese. I chose this because it's different than the typical pasta and I had a coupon. 

Here's the outcome - not quite like the package - but nothing ever is. 

Here are my notes:
  • Flavor - as usual with frozen meals - it was screaming for salt! Other than that - it tasted fairly close to what their regular packaged red beans & rice tastes like. 
  • Meat - The chicken tastes like chicken - sometimes frozen meals have a funkity funk texture - this one was really good on that front.
  • Time - directions say 3 minutes but needs 3:30-4, some parts were cold
  • Cooking - The cheese sticks to the sides a bit but doesn't get hard and inedible at all. 
  • Cost - $3.69 and I had coupon for 50 cents off/2 that doubled to $1 off - so $3.19 each 
  • Nutrition - 430 calories, 12 grams fat
  • Allergens - milk, wheat
  • Fullness Factor - as usual I need a side item to really feel full. I usually bring fruit or a snack. But it didn't leave me starving - so that's pretty good!

Also - if you're with me in the world of packing lunch and saving money - check out Lunch It Punch It - when you hit 10 packed lunches - you can go out to eat! Great idea and Cincinnati-owned! 

I hope some of you will share your favorite frozen dinners or quick lunch ideas with me! 

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