ABC's of Dining: The Letter R - Richard's Pizza

I'm still making my way through the alphabet and finally got to the letter R. With as busy as work and life are - it takes me about a month to get to each letter. It's slow going...but I will conquer the alphabet! 

I have to say though - this one was just finding the time - I drive by Richard's every Sunday when we get our nieces in Hamilton. Normally they are screaming for McDonalds or Wendys - but I said "How about pizza?" and they jumped at it. Whew! 

Richard's has a lot of "Mediterranean" items on the menu (greek pizza/salad, pasta, etc...) but we just went for pizza and breadsticks. It's hard to be adventurous with a 5 and 7 year old that live on chicken nuggets. 

Here are the breadsticks with cheese - very fluffy and good - they also douse them with the garlic butter so a bit oily. Far better than LaRosa's sticks with cheese though...

And the 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 cheese pizza (ugh - kids). I swear - if I had kids - they would not be the kind that ate 3 things (chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza) - but alas I don't have kids and have to do the best I can with the 3 hours a week I get with these two munchkins. I tried and begged for vegetables and they just mocked me. 

The pizza is good - I really like the thin-ish crust and the ample cheese and sauce. The crust is crispy and the cheese was bubbly. I was barely able to save two pieces for Larry since he was home sick that day - the kids were scavengers! 

Why Should You Go? It's a good pizza. Is it "drive out of the way" good? Meh...but it is good and I would most definitely go again.

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