Pelican's Reef

Every once in a while I get emails from local restaurants or staff asking me to try their place out - and sometimes I'm really quick. Other times...not so much! Three years ago (I'm guessing) one of the staff from Pelican's Reef on Beechmont told me I should come in and do a review...oops. Better late than never!

I decided to start with a cup of Lobster Bisque ($3.25) - it was a bit cold that day and this sounded nice and toasty.

It was okay - I tend to like soups better that have chunks in them - but I understand a bisque doesn't. That said - I sort of thought there would be pieces of lobster. There weren't still had a decent flavor.

Meals started with a salad as well - it was fine - regular Caesar salad - nothing too fancy.

Our friend Rachel went for the Fish Tacos ($9.95). They looked okay but Bayou Fish House seems more my style. 

Dani & I went for the Seafood Enchiladas ($13 I think). They came with a side of dirty rice - which was dry and undercooked. The enchiladas were fine and had a lot of shrimp in them. I wish they'd had a little more crab in them.

Dani was very pleased with her enchiladas - but we were all starving! :-)

She also decided to take a slice of key lime pie home with her. Our server forgot to add this to her bill so Dani mentioned it and they just said - don't worry about it. So service and hospitality is very nice. 

Why Should You Go? Well unfortunately I didn't care for the food too much. I would have tried some of their seafood rather than the enchiladas but those dishes were all more in the $20 price range and I was trying to stay on budget a bit more. The service was great and very friendly. It's got the feel of a sports bar so it's casual and comfy. There's also outdoor seating for the nicer weather. 

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