Mmmmm Deli Sandwiches @Silverglades!

Right now, we're a 1-car family (ugh) but when my husband drives me to work - it never fails - he's always driving by one particular place and saying "We need to go there!" - well we finally did! 

Silverglades! I've walked through the Findlay Market location many times but I work near the one at 8th & Sycamore. 

It's a bit overwhelming when you walk in - there's a big salad area and then the deli area, people everywhere! With the courthouse and P&G - it's a mad house at lunch. We finally figured out which line we should be in and jumped in quick.

So much stuff - side dishes, desserts, wraps, salads, deli meat & cheese - it's just overwhelming!

They also have specials of the day and hot food - but we had heard so much about the sandwiches - we had to try those first!

Hawaiian Bagel: Silverglades Home Baked Ham, Melted Smoked Mozzarella, and Pineapple ring served on a toasted Bagel. Served Warm

Larry went for the Hawaiian - he's a sucker for pineapple. He is STILL talking about this sandwich. He's not much of a bagel fan but theirs were so fresh and soft - he loved it. I tried a bite and it was really great - sweet but not too much. It just all went together perfectly!

Kelly Deli: Seasoned Peppered Pastrami served Hot with Imported Swiss Cheese and Boars Head Deli Mustard served on Marble Rye

I had the Kelly Deli - basically a Rueben without the sauerkraut & thousand island. It was pretty good - but the meat was AMAZING. 

Why Should You Go? The sandwiches we had were pretty darned good - especially Larry's - he always seems to make the better choice. The service was very friendly and the lady explained the set up to us a bit. It is overwhelming - so maybe the first time you go - avoid the lunch rush of 12-1. It's a great deli sandwich though - enjoy!

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