Need energy? This is the best! Emergen-C! (Giveaway!)

I don't know about you - but I hit the nap wall about 10x a day! I just can't drink Red Bull and Mt Dew like I used to - but luckily I found something that gives me a kick in the pants without kicking the crap out of my heart at the same time! 

Emergen-C should sue Snapple because it truly is "the best stuff on earth"!

It's healthy and all vitamins!!! And let me tell you - one packet of this in a glass of cold water - and you'll chase the naps away! 

I use this stuff almost on a daily basis - the other beauty of Emergen-C is it's great if you're starting to feel a cold coming on. I have a serious case of acid reflux and can't do OJ - so I drink this and again - boom - cold - GONE! 

I just can't rave enough about Emergen-C. This is the original flavor but now they've exploded and have a ton of flavors: Acai Berry, Raspberry, Dragonfruit and much more. They also have a Kids version that's a little less potent. There are other versions for specific things (Heart Health, 5 Calorie, etc...) 

The other thing I like is they are a good company with good heart - they do a lot of charity work

If you haven't had the chance to try Emergen-C - you can give it a try for free on their site!

But of course - since I'm the Food Hussy- I'm having a giveaway! You'll get to try some Emergen-C for yourself - I think you'll even get to pick your flavors! Happy Entering!

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