Non-chain Pizza Downtown?

We have this awesome thing at work called SUMMER FRIDAYS - it's pretty fantastic. We get every other Friday off - w00t! 

That said - on the work Friday - it's pretty desolate - with five of us in the office - I asked the high ranking honcho if he was buying us pizza (jokingly) and he said "SURE!". DOUBLE W00T! 

Finding places to deliver in downtown is not so simple - I have a favorite place in Covington: NOPE. Coworker mentioned a place in Northside: NOPE. Then I came across Cincy By The Slice. I have driven by their Deer Park location a million times but never had time to go - finally!

The pizza we had to try was the Pickleroni! Seriously - pepperoni pizza with pickles!!!! This was good stuff! The saltiness of the pickles goes great with the pepperoni. We totally were not going to order it - but the paying honcho came back and said he was too curious now - and we had to!

We also got a veggie - it was fine. I have to say - I wasn't a fan of the crust - it was a bit tough and tasteless. The pizza was good though.

There's the honcho - folding and eating. He's a bit shy.

We also ordered a salad to go with the pizzas and that was huge!!! It was also really good with lots of veggies.

Why Should You Go: Well - I didn't love the crust - but that Pickleroni Pizza was damn good and I'd like to try that again! The staff was also extremely friendly and helpful - so I have to give them props for that. And - they deliver downtown!

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