Woods Country Store

Larry and I were on one of our drives and came across a sign for a Woods Country Store - well after a little coaxing - we were turning around to check it out. DUH! 

This place is a just a plethora of crap everywhere!!!! It's an ADD nightmare! There are tchotchkes everywhere! They have a few tables and a quick menu of sandwiches and grill items.

Yeah - deer, woves, and more...

Old ass license plates - check!

Larry got a simple bologna, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich and it was so good! I forget sometimes how just adding lettuce and tomato makes a sandwich so much better.

I went for ham salad - and it was good. I don't get this too often - but when I do - I love it.

Why Should You Go? Here's the thing - if you're on a drive - why go through some crummy greasy fast food place? Find a little sandwich joint and get a couple sammiches and find a scenic spot to watch the world. We found a park with a beach and just sat in the sand and ate some lunch. We have done this so many times and are never EVER disappointed!

The only disappointing thing was the real lack of things to buy in the store. There were a couple racks of canned goods that had been there since oh I don't know - 1976...but other than that - not much.

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