Food Hussy Giveaway! Frisch's for Lent!

Hey - what does the new Pope have to do with Food Hussy? 

Well it's Lent - so for all you Catholics out there - congrats on the new Pope! To celebrate - let's eat some fish!

That's right! Fish is back as the feature at Frisch's Big Boy and I love fish!! Frisch's knows this and asked me to give one of you lucky folks a $25 gift card to Frisch's and a jar of their famous Tartar Sauce!

They have lots of great specials at Frisch's for Lent - my favorite is the sandwich - I love the big hunks of cod and the schmear of tartar sauce. I'm not the only one who loves this - during Lent sales of this classic sandwich increase 150%!

What's your favorite meatless dish at Frisch's? 

No matter which one it is - you could win a $25 gift card and a jar of sauce! So tonight when you head out - stop at Frisch's for some fish (they have a Haddock dinner, shrimp meals, fish & chips and so much more!) and think about what you'll do with all that gift card greatness when you win! 

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