Road Trip: Whitewater Canal, Harrison Tomb & Price Hill Incline

My husband is a big fan of the History Channel so one of his past times recently has been finding historical sites in Cincinnati. Especially when you're low on funds - it's a way to pass time on a nice afternoon. 

At our doctor's office - we came across a picture of the Price Hill Incline - which took us to which has lots of historical transit-related items from the 'Nati. 

One of which is the Whitewater Canal - it's a bit of an adventure using this site to find things because they don't tell you exactly where things are - so you have to do a little Googling. We found this had an opening in the Cleves area - so we headed off to discover it. 

Luckily, the state has these great markers there to help you out a little. This one took a little more work though...

...but we parked the car and started looking around. There was a path and we could hear water - so we checked it out. Well the water was something else - but once we got to the end of the path - we found the canal! Well - what's left of it. It's the oldest canal tunnel in Cincinnati and is one of only 12 in the country. It's been filled with dirt for decades :-( but it was still interesting to see. 

After this - we looked up on the History App to see if there were any other historical things in the area and found that William Henry Harrison's tomb was only a couple miles away. 

I've never been to a Presidential Tomb - it was pretty stately (obviously - right?).

It's really impressive and has a beautiful river view as well. 

You could see inside the gates and see the wreath for his grave. I wonder how often they replace it or if it's fake. There was a visitors book but not sure if it's ever open to the public. 

Then finally it was to the Price Hill incline - it's another one of those you have to search out a little. There's a big curve that you go up to get to the top - that's the base of the hill. Then when you get to the top - Queen's Tower - that's where the park for the incline now stands. 

You can still see remnants over the wall of where the incline landing was.

I think it would be so awesome to travel back in time to see things like this - I wish more of them had stood the test of time. 

Most of the area around the Incline Park is pretty rundown but they recently built some condos and opened a restaurant next to the Park/Queens Tower - it's called the Incline Public House - and it's now on my wish list - if nothing else for the view.

I encourage you to dig around this great city of ours and find something you never knew existed!

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