Who's Cupcake Crazy for a Giveaway?!

I really enjoy discovering fun, local businesses around Cincinnati. Recently I came across Cupcake Crazy in the Kenwood area and was excited to be able to try a dozen of their ENORMOUS cupcakes and share a giveaway with you!

It's at the corner of Montgomery & Stewart Rd attached to the AAMCO. The owner's husband runs the AAMCO and they've decided to utilize the back side of the building for her cupcake business. 

Inside is a veritable WonkaWonderland of sugar! The cake pops are ginormous and the cupcakes are equally large. They also have really fun flavors - my coworker couldn't resist devouring a Lucky Charms cupcake in the car on the way back to work! 

It's more than just cupcakes though - I can't even begin to tell you all the flavors and items they have - they even have Gluten Free cupcakes! 

So two dozen cupcakes later - we headed back to work to celebrate my friend Matt's birthday. The cupcakes are pricier than what you'd find at Kroger at about $30/dozen - but for special occasion gourmet cupcakes - that's average pricing.

I think they were a hit...

And here's the birthday boy - he looks thrilled doesn't he? 

Don't let him fool you - he was in heaven. 

The flavors were amazing - they had special ones for St. Patty's Day (Guinness Cupcake anyone?) and a huge variety of flavors and fillings. Death by Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pina Colada, Lemon Blueberry and the list goes on and on!

So you've seen people eating them - but how did they taste?

They are good - for sure - but they are RICH. Like - Richie McRicherson Rich! The chocolate filling is thick and almost like a chocolate bar. I have to say they were a bit rich for me - I'm not usually one to say "I'll only have half" - but with these I did. If you're one of those people that wants to enjoy bite after bite of yum - they're for you - just be prepared to take a break along the way! :-)

Thanks again to Cupcake Crazy for the chance to try them and now you can win a dozen for yourself! ($30 value!)

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