Food Hussy Restaurant Review: Ruth's Chris Steak House & Giveaway

There are days when doing this is more fun than others. What's a good day? When you get an email from Ruth's Chris Steak House asking you to come in for a Happy Hour Tasting. Um, let me think abou- YES!!!! 

And let me give you some incentive to hang through this review with me...there's a $50 gift card up for grabs! I think this might break some giveaway records for me! 

Here's a photo of Ruth. And I got to find out how Ruth's Chris got it's somewhat awkward-to-say name! She had QUITE a life and along the way bought Chris Steak House in New Orleans, LA. After a fire she had to move and rebuild but couldn't take the name with her - so she opened up Ruth's Chris Steak House. How did I find this out?

Our super-adorable bartender of course! Seriously - is that a million dollar smile or what???? He was so sweet and very knowledgeable about the menu and anything else we could think to quiz him on! 

He started us off with a couple of drinks. The Happy Hour menu has a catchy little name of Sizzle, Swizzle and Swirl - all items are $7. I went for the Rocks Rita and Lauren had the Blueberry Mojito. We both LOVED our drinks. We felt really bad for not drinking all of them but we had to be mindful of driving home.

After the drinks, we got to start the food train! First up was Spicy Lobster which was lightly battered and fried and then dipped in a spicy cream sauce. This was light but rich and completely decadent. Both of us devoured this bowl of deliciousness. It was definitely one of our favorite dishes and at $7 - it's a great deal! I don't usually think of lobster as something you batter & fry - but it's hearty enough to take it and yet maintain it's integrity. The spicy cream sauce was great - it wasn't drenched but it was definitely present. Excellence.

We also tried the Seared Ahi Tuna - again $7! The tuna was cooked just right but I could tell by the texture that the tuna had been frozen. There's just a different texture with fish that's been frozen - a little mushier. I understand it's hard to get fresh fish - and they are a steak house - but I didn't love it. The sauce was also pretty spicy - which the description doesn't mention. Not too spicy - but it was spicier than the lobster. Not a bad item - but I wouldn't get it again.

And lastly, the signature dish for the Happy Hour menu - a Steak Sandwich with fries ($7). I really should have gotten a close up on the steak - but oh well - you'll have to trust me on this. First - let me say this is HALF the $7 portion. They were kind enough to bring it out on two plates for us. 

I'll start with the fries - great. Crispy, seasoned, perfect fries. But that sandwich. Thick chunks of PERFECTLY cooked medium rare steak - juicy, tender and just packed full of flavor. I seriously didn't even need the bread! Served with a bearnaise sauce which somehow - made it even better. Both of us absolutely loved this sandwich! I just had never had a steak sandwich with quality steak - this was just fantastic. And then remember - IT'S SEVEN DOLLARS! 

So next week - when you're leaving work and you're hungry - stop by Ruth's Chris and get this $7 delight! 

Ruth's Chris is also available for catering. We liked it so much Lauren booked them for an upcoming catering need at our work!

Why Should You Go? Haven't I explained that by now?! The Happy Hour is a great deal and a chance for you to try their menu and see what they have to offer. It definitely made me want to go back for more and for the full dinner menu! And if you've made it this far - don't miss the GIVEAWAY!

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