Cyber Monday: Top Ten Gift Guide for Foodies!

It's Cyber Monday and if you're on Food Hussy - you probably like food or eat food or know someone who does. (haha) So here's a gift guide of the best products to get for the foodie in your life (or make a list for your special someone of things to get you!).

1. Chef's Knife - everyone needs a good chef's knife - it's the best tool in the kitchen and it's one of the tools you don't want to go cheap on. Get one good knife and you'll be happy you did!
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2. Pepper Mill - Does anybody even buy ground pepper anymore? If you cook - you need a pepper mill! I use mine on a daily basis. This is something that once you get a good one - you won't need another one until you're old & gray! 
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3. Baking Stone - you won't use a cookie sheet again once you have a baking stone. It cooks evenly and seasons itself as you use it so you don't even have to spray them. I love my baking stone! 
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4. KitchenAid Mixer - this is a pricier gift but doesn't your mom deserve it after all the times she baked you cookies as a kid? The thing is - you don't have to take out a loan and get the biggest fanciest one on the planet! They do have affordable ones - but take it from me - the KitchenAid is worth the money.
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5. Keurig - does everybody have one now? No? Well great - cuz you can still get a good deal on one. We aren't a big coffee drinking household - I don't drink it - and Larry just drinks a cup here and there. We don't want to make 12 cups!!! The Keurig is great - the k-cups are cheaper than a stop at Speedway (and 1/4 the price of Starbucks!). They're also super easy to use and don't take up much counter space. 
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6. Chocolate!! Heck yeah - if you can't think of anything else to get someone - get 'em chocolate. Lindt Truffles are my favorite (in case you were looking for a gift idea for me!) 

7. Giant Wine Glass! I have a good friend that loves her wine and when I saw this - I knew it was for Rachel. Sometimes you just want to have fun with gifts for your friends - this one is definitely fun! 
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8. Whiskey Stones - If you've got someone in your life that likes a stiff drink - check out whiskey stones. Instead of ice which can water a drink down - they chill the drink on their own. They're pretty cool and made out of soapstone - which does all the work naturally! 

9. Chef's Apron - Men love to grill - right? They are men - they cook meat! Grrrr! So get them dressed appropriately for grilling with a chef's apron. I know my husband is a HUGE Colts fan - so this apron is PERFECT for him! 
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10. A Cookbook! Here's the thing - sometimes you have people in your life that like to cook - but maybe they aren't very good at it. (eek) Get them a sure-fire cookbook like the one from America's Test Kitchen - these recipes are tested to be perfect - so give them a leg up next time they make something - at least you know the recipe is good if they follow it. :-) 

There you go - ten ideas for the foodies in your life! I'm sure you'll find something that fits your gift list! 

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links but all opinions are my own.