I can celebrate National Margarita Day where???

Here's a holiday worth getting behind - it's National Margarita Day! If you're looking for someplace new to get a marg - how about Chipotle?!

Yeah - they serve margaritas now! Who knew?

How do you like your margaritas? My favorite way is on the rocks with extra salt and a little light on the tequila. I'm a lightweight so I don't need much. Extra salt is the key - give me a double dip! 

How about you? So next time you're at Chipotle - leave the soda behind and grab a marg! 

Recipe: Two-Ingredient Egg Salad

The folks at Frisch's had a recipe contest and I was very excited to participate. We were given a $25 gift card and a jar of Frisch's Tartar Sauce and had to create a recipe that included the tartar sauce. The recipe had to be meatless (could include fish) as the world gets ready for Lent! I went for something simple - yet genius! 

Two ingredient egg salad!!! I mean - what do you usually put in egg salad - mayo and celery - right? Well tartar sauce is mayo & pickles - so why not? Let's try it!!!

First - you hard boil 4 eggs. I only did 4 because my husband is allergic - so I just wanted to make enough for me to have a couple of sandwiches.

Once they were hard-boiled, I separated out the yolks. not sure you have to do this but it just seemed easier. Then I mashed them all up. Then - ready for ingredient #2!

There we go - 1/4 cup of Frisch's Tartar Sauce. This stuff is so good - it's a staple in my house - for sure!

Mix the tartar sauce with the egg yolks - stir stir stir until it's a nice mashed up mix. Feel free to take a taste - if you want you can add lemon juice, salt or pepper - but I was happy with it as is!

I diced my egg whites - I didn't use the normal hard boiled egg chopper because I wanted larger chunks of egg white. Then I folded in with the egg yolk/tartar sauce mixture. It's then best if you put it in the fridge overnight.

Food Hussy’s Two Ingredient Egg Salad!


·      4 hard-boiled eggs, whites & yolks separated
·      ¼ cup Frisch’s Tartar Sauce


·      In bowl – mash separated yolks.
·      Separately – dice egg whites.
·      Add Frisch’s Tartar Sauce to yolks and stir.
·      Once the yolks and Frisch’s Tartar Sauce are mixed together fold in the diced egg whites.
·      Chill overnight and serve.

Makes 2 sandwiches

Restaurant Review: Moe's Southwest Grill - Crestview Hills KY

Last weekend I saw the Undercover Boss with Moe's Southwest Grill and got a hankering to go. 

The closest one to downtown is actually Crestview Hills in KY. I used to go all the time when I worked off Buttermilk Pike. It had been years since I had been - so I took my friend Dawn and off we went! 

If you haven't been - it's basically a Chipotle-style restaurant but with more variety - they have burritos, tacos, quesadillas and queso. I got 3 tacos and a side of chips & queso. I remember when I was doing Weight Watchers years ago - you could get a veggie taco with queso and it was less calories than one with chicken/sour cream. 

Normally their veggie tacos are grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms but they were out of mushrooms - boooooo! (Seriously - you couldn't send someone to the grocery?) The thing I like about Moe's over Chipotle is the abundance of toppings! They have salsas and lots of veggies to choose from. By the time you pile all that on - you don't even miss the meat! (I did miss the mushrooms though.) 

Why Should You Go? Is it better than Chipotle? Well - it's better than the Newport Chipotle (yuck - awful!) I like Moe's because I think they have more options and I love their queso. The veggie tacos are a great option as well (yes - when they have mushrooms - I'll say it again!). If you haven't been - it's definitely worth a shot! They also have that Coke Freestyle machine - yeah for Vanilla Coke! 

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Restaurant Review: Bento Box Lunch @ Green Papaya - Hyde Park

I am a huge fan of Green Papaya and I've been many many times - I usually always get the Basil Thai Spicy pasta but my friend Lauren convinced me to try something different. She always gets the Sushi Bento Box ($10.95) - so I went for it!

The Bento Box lunch is served with soup , salad, appetizer, fruit and either vegetable fried rice, vegetable Pad Thai, Jasmin Rice or Brown Rice. I chose Spicy Tuna and California Rolls for my sushi and Pad Thai. The side was a veggie egg roll. It was a great lunch - very filling and tasty. I loved the pad thai (I've only had it once before somewhere else and didn't care for it). 

I still love my favorite pasta dish - but when you want a little sushi and a little Thai - this is a perfect option! Keep up the good work Green Papaya! 

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Restaurant Review: Noodles & Company - Newport

We work on the edge of downtown and I'm always looking for new places to take the crew. We tend to go to NKY because it's so much easier to park rather than trying to find parking downtown. 

I was giddy when I saw the Noodles & Company opening in the new Newport shopping area. It's right next to Panera & TJ Maxx. 

Once we saw it was open - we got right in there. Dawn is always looking for healthy options and came across the Med Salad with Chicken - it's got grilled chicken, romaine, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, cavatappi pasta, spicy yogurt dressing & feta cheese. The best part is that it's only 450 calories! We were all surprised (& a little jealous) at how delicious and big the salad was. The olives are TANGY - I loved them and thankfully Dawn gave them to me! :-)  

Susie & I didn't go the healthy route - Susie got Buffalo Macaroni & Cheese with Parmesan Chicken and Blue Cheese Crumbles. Their mac & cheese is amazing and one of my favorites! This version has the really yummy Parmesan Chicken and spicy buffalo sauce and comes in at 740 calories for the lunch portion. 

I went for a new dish called Alfredo MontAmore which had spaghetti, a four-cheese blend sauce, spinach, mushrooms, tomato and Parmesan Chicken. It's topped with the MontAmore cheese, parsley & cracked pepper. This is 750 calories for the lunch portion.  

This dish was delightful! The alfredo was actually really light and not super thick like alfredo can tend to be. The abundance of veggies was great as well - and I can never get enough of that Parmesan Chicken! 

Why Should You Go? I love Noodles & Company because of their variety - there is truly something for everyone - from Thai to Italian to Salads and even sandwiches. I'm super-excited they're open so close to my work! Boom! See you again soon!

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Product Review: Graeter's New Less Indulgent Ice Cream

Last week Graeter's reached out to me to let me know about their new Low Glycemic & Diabetic Friendly Ice Cream. I thought - well I'm not diabetic - but if we're talking about free ice cream - I'm down. 

We had a little ice cream social at work to try out the new goodies. In addition to the new Low Glycemic flavors they sent along some of their tried & true favorites as well. The team loved it - several team members dug in before I told them there was a difference and they couldn't even tell! This Low Glycemic ice cream has half the sugar and 25% less fat.

How did they do it?

Graeter’s uses naturally sweet monk fruit extract, which comes from a small fruit that Buddhist monks have cultivated for centuries and treasured it for its unique sweetness, to make ice cream that is naturally low glycemic. Because of its concentrated sweetness, it takes only a small amount to make ice cream that tastes great, so you get the same Graeter’s taste with less sugar.

This Low Glycemic variety comes in three flavors: Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. I tried the Vanilla and it was as decadent as Graeter's ever is - so good! 

So - if you trying to watch your sugar/fat intake but can't say no to Graeter's - this is a great option! And I promise - you won't even be able to tell the difference! 

Restaurant Review: Wing Stop

Last night Larry and I were headed to Waffle House - I have no idea why - someone came into his work and mentioned it - so it's what he wanted. On the way though we noticed that the new Wing Stop was open on Colerain. That was enough to change his mind. 

Wing Stop is a national restaurant that is in almost all 50 states. They have 11 sauces to choose from and have boneless as well as classic wings. You can also call ahead for wings to go. 

Larry - as always - got the mild boneless. I don't mind boneless on a salad but he likes them - the classic are messy and he doesn't like that. They actually dropped his on the way out to us - so his took a little longer to actually get to him - but they doubled the order. 

I got the classic wings - they have combos with fries and a drink for $7.99. The nice thing is they'll let you split the sauces! I chose the mild and the Hawaiian. The mild really didn't have much sauce (on the left) but the Hawaiian had a lot. They had no heat and a sweet pineapple flavor. 

I also got a side of the Bourbon Barbecue Beans - they were SUPER hot (temperature - not spice) so be mindful. The flavor was good - it definitely had a bourbon tang to it - but not too much. All in all - I liked them. 

Lastly - the fries. There are lots of fries and they offer you up multiple dipping sauce options (honey mustard, ranch, etc.). On their website they refer to the "special seasoning" - we think it was sugar and salt oddly enough. Whatever it was - it was too much. The fries are fresh cut and good but these were far too salty. I mean - I love salt - but this you could see the salt on EVERY FRY. It was way too much. Most people would have probably sent them back. I was full on the wings & beans - so I didn't bother. If we go back - I'll ask for light seasoning. 

Why Should You Go? Well - it was a mixed bag - I liked the wings but the fries - woooo - not good. The honey mustard & ranch they gave me with them were both really good. Service was hit or miss as well - the girls were nice but they dropped his wings, forgot my beans and forgot my sauces. When I went up - they gave me everything very quickly. Also - they don't have napkins. They have a roll of paper towels at the counter (#notafan). But - the wings are good - so if you like wings - it's worth a stop.

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Restaurant Review: Mazunte Taqueria (2.0)

Before hitting up the Dancing with the Stars LIVE show at the Taft - my friend Kelleen and I decided to grab a bite to eat first. She lives in my old 'hood of Pleasant Ridge and had never been to Mazunte - so we headed over since it wasn't too far away.

We got chips, salsa, guacamole and a Mexican Coke. Poor us - our meals were so filling - we barely touched the guac - but it's good. 

Kelleen got tacos - which I've tried before. The one on the left was new to me though - it's a Taco Dorado - rolled and fried, filled with chicken, red sauce, spinach, avocado and topped with crema and queso fresco. This was a bit of a disappointment - it was too crispy. 

I chose the corn empanadas with mushrooms ($7.25). I was disappointed with mine as well. I had Empanadas Aqui a while back and think I'm just a little spoiled by theirs. They just didn't have much flavor and were a bit dry. The rice was bland and the beans were basically liquid. I definitely wouldn't get these again. 

Why Should You Go? Stick with the tacos (pork is my favorite) or the Pozole. 

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Restaurant Review: Hooters

Last week - it was our building maintenance guy's birthday so our office decided to treat him to lunch. He does so much in our building and we just adore him - so it was the least we could do. He mentioned his love for Hooters (of course) so we decided that's where we had to go! 

After lunch - the girls came out and gave him a banner and sang him a song. It was a HOOT! 

A couple of the guys got their Daytona Beach wings - which are naked and then finished off on the grill. These looked amazing! They had a rich color and smelled really good. They were served and every one of us started drooling. The guys verified they were as good as they looked. 

I got the Buffalo Chicken Salad - it's part of my "don't order the worst thing on the menu" - it probably still is horrible - but in my mind the lettuce helped. It was topped with boneless wings and I asked for the mild buffalo sauce on the side. It was fine - nothing to write home about - but fine.

Why Should You Go? Well if you want to look at girls in tight 80s clothes with big hair - there is that. If you want decent wings - it's another reason. I still thing Toots on Fields Ertl is the best. (I haven't blogged about their wings but they are friggin amazing!) 

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Restaurant Review: Django Western Taco

I've been on such a taco rant lately - I feel like I can't stop until I've tried all the tacos that Cincinnati has to offer!! Recently I asked folks on my Facebook page for their favorites and one name that came up but was new to me - was Django Western Taco

Django is in Northside in the former Slims location on the angle by the park. The kitchen is open with a small bar area where you can watch the magic. There are quite a few tables and an interesting modern, yet western decor. 

We went for lunch and the decision of what to get was NOT EASY! The entrees sounded delicious - I can't wait to go back and try the Sheriff's Stone Bowl! I can probably go 3 more times and try new things each time! 

We started with chips - they were pretty good - a little bland - but good. The green sauce was mild so I stuck with that. The red was HOT but had a good flavor with it. 

I chose tacos and a side of their Pickled 6 ($2) - it's a mix of pickled veggies to add to the tacos. They were really good and added some zing. For the tacos - I got:

  • Beef - braised brisket, horseradish crema, cilantro ($4) - the brisket was very tender. This can be such a hit or miss at most taco places but I really liked it.  
  • Shrimp - fried shrimp, spinach, sweet chili sauce, goat cheese ($6) - a little more expensive but delicious! The shrimp was fried perfectly but the star was the combo of the sweet chili sauce with the cool, creamy goat cheese. My favorite! 
  • Veggie - sauteed veggies, mushrooms, avocado crema, cheese, cilantro ($3) - I think when you put a ton of things in a shell - you don't always need meat. The veggie is often my favorite - so I wanted to try it. It was good - I like that there was cheese on it too. 
All in all - I really liked all of them. I think the veggie was probably my least favorite of the 3 but still good. Also - these are SOFT shelled corn tortillas. They look hard because of the form they're in but they're soft. And for the abundance of toppings - they hold up well! 

My coworkers came too - Dawn tried the Pastor ($3) and Fish ($5) along with a side of Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread ($3). She liked both of them and let me try a bite of the cornbread. I was a little wary - they brought it without butter and it looked dry. But - IT WAS DELICIOUS! It sort of crumbled apart but was still very moist - no butter needed. It was really tasty and not very spicy. I would DEFINITELY get that again! 

Susie mixed it up with the Pastor, Chicken ($3) and Fish - again a happy luncher! 

Why Should You Go? Well - there was definitely a good reason to add this to the list. I really enjoyed it. I'm still thinking about that sweet chili shrimp taco! They also have a parking lot in the back - it's not big - but in Northside - it's helpful! 

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Restaurant Review: Red Squirrel - Downtown/Price Hill

The girls at work and I go to lunch pretty much every day (oh how I need to start packing) - but sometimes we just get tired of the same old same old that's within a few minutes driving distance to downtown. We were dropping something off at a vendor and drove by Red Squirrel and thought, "Hey - let's go there!"

It's on Dalton - near Cincinnati Museum Center and the post office. It's one of only a couple locations left - a few years back a lot of them changed names or closed. It's only open for lunch and it gets BUSY!!!! 

There's no website and the menu is up on the wall. They mainly have single & double deckers - with a few hot selections. You go up to the counter and order and within just a couple of minutes - you're handed your lunch! I was really surprised at how quick it was - they have to make them fresh - but it was so fast!  

You get a container with your sandwich, pickle and a bag of chips. They have bottled drinks to choose from as well. That pickle - whoooooooooo - it is SOUR! It definitely created that pucker face you think of when you eat something sour. 

Susie went for ham & sliced egg - then decided to add a little bacon (haha). She was shocked at how large this was - it's a single - and it was massive! 

Dawn got a BLT ($6.15) - again - massive amounts of bacon. We all liked it too because the bacon wasn't so burned to a crisp that it just fell apart. 

I went for a double-decker (I'm crazy like that) and got chicken salad and bacon ($7.50). Oh so good. Seriously - awesome. I didn't even touch the chips - I'm not a huge chips fan for lunch - and the sandwich was most definitely filling enough! 

Why Should You Go? This is a great sandwich and it's super fast. They have probably 10 tables inside - and they are always full but there's also a huge take-out business. We are DEFINITELY going back to the Red Squirrel. It's just as close as Newport for us and it's something different and delicious! 

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DIY: Ombre Glitter Vases (for under $2!)

I love DIY day with my girlfriends - every couple of months we gather up and see what kind of crafts we can make. I brought a variety of things to choose from but when the girls saw this - they were all in agreement. 

So off we went to make DIY Ombre Glitter Vases! 

For the paint - you start with white and whatever other color you like. I made the variations of color all on the plate but then we realized you could just start with a blob of white and then add in a couple drops of color each time. Either way works - just so you go from white to color in a slow manner.

Here's the best part - the paint is 50 cents at Walmart, the foam brushes are $2 for a big bag and the vase was $1 at Dollar Tree. I have to say - I went to every dollar store and Dollar Tree has the best selection and quality for craft type of generic items. So if you're going on a hunt for something - go there first.

All in all - this costs less than $2. Nice!!!

The foam brushes that are about an inch wide are perfect - you just make a couple of swipes the width of the brush around the top of the vase. You don't need to let it dry all the way - but wait maybe a minute between colors.

Then you take the next color and go down about half way on the first swipe - and paint a swipe all the way around. You just keep going like that - overlapping a bit each time. You see a lot of brush marks in mine - but once it's all done - they aren't near as obvious.

And then you go all the way to the bottom where you have a solid color. This was super simple - it maybe took an hour and that was with all of our gabbing and eating cobbler. These vases were a great size because as you got lower on the vase - you could just stick your hand inside to hold it so you weren't touching the paint. By the time you get to the bottom - the top should be dry - so you can set it upside down if you want to let it finish drying.

These are the finished vases - you can really make them your own - with more distinct color changes or more muted. Danielle - always the rebel - decided to start with the color at the top. And when I say  "decided" - I really mean - accidentally. But hers looks great too!

And here she is...creepin on my shot. It's always something with her! Luckily she makes a mean cobbler - so I think we'll keep her. ;-)

After the vases dried - I took my Glitter Mod Podge and put a top coat on the paint. I figure this will keep the vases from chipping a little and gives them a little shimmer - so cute!

They turned out great and I was so happy with how they turned out. They're perfect for the bunches of mini-roses that Kroger carries and the colors matched perfectly! I took one vase to a neighbor that brought cookies for Christmas and another to my coworker that is always so friendly. I think I need to make another batch so I can have one for myself!