Restaurant Review: Green Derby - Newport, KY

My friends and I go out to lunch quite a bit and it's super nice because they indulge me in trying new places we've never been or even heard of. 

Last week Dawn and I decided to get lunch at the Green Derby in Newport. We'd driven by it a million times - I had figured it to be a dark dive - but I was wrong.

To quote Bart Simpson, au contraire mon frère, the Green Derby is an an old people restaurant! It was really busy - so I figure that's a good sign.

We started out with...crackers and butter. I have to say I've never had crackers and butter but I'm always up to try anything!

Here I go! Of course it was tasty - I mean - it's crackers and butter - how could it not be?!

Dawn got the Lunch Fish & Chips ($10) and said it was really great. So great she let me try a bite - and yum-o! It's battered and fried - which the batter-dipped is my favorite. The portion size was great - very hearty for a lunch portion.

I was not on Weight Watchers at the time and went cow-razy. I got the Ribeye Steak Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes & Cream Gravy ($9).

I love a cream gravy - it's always my absolute favorite. The mashed potatoes were DEFINITELY made from scratch. The gravy needed a little salt but it was pretty great. Homemade Yum! It was a huge portion as well. 

And then the Ribeye Sandwich - I ordered it Medium Rare - which made me so happy to be able to get to choose. The sandwich was a bit messy - even rye bread can't really handle a whole steak. It was super thin but still medium rare - which is not easy to do. I loved it for sure.

Why Should You Go? Cuz it's awesome! I mean - CRACKERS & BUTTER! But the ribeye sandwich and fish & chips were both big hits - so I definitely think it's a place to go again!

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