Set up a Grilled Cheese Bar! Featuring Sara Lee Artesano Bread!

I was really excited to be invited to Local 12 to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with my friends Bob, Sheila and Jen!

The morning show team is second-to-none and any time I can visit them - it's a good day.

The folks at Sara Lee sent me their newest product - a thick white bread called Artesano bread! This bread is perfect for grilled cheese, paninis, french toast, etc!

I set up a grilled cheese bar with a variety of toppings and cheeses to make for the team - let's break it down.

First the Artesano bread - thick slices that are just the right size for a slice of whatever awesome deli cheese you choose. I coated one side with butter to prep for the gooey delight about to come.

We had a variety of cheeses and toppings...

I had Havarti, American, Cheddar and fresh Mozzarella - 

One tip for making great grilled cheese is to use shredded cheese - it melts quicker more evenly - this was really the case with the mozzarella as you'll see further down.

I also made pulled pork last night - it's was super simple! I used country style pork ribs with a bone - piled them in the crock pot and added a can of Coca Cola and turned the crock pot on low all day. This pork was perfect! Once it's done - drain the Coke and add barbecue sauce. I used this in the Hawaiian Grilled Cheese.

Here is the start of each of the Grilled Cheese I made today - (top to bottom) - Caprese, Hawaiian and Gold Star! This is just half of each sandwich - it ALWAYS starts and ends with cheese.


Here's the Gold Star Grilled Cheese - this was super simple: Artesano bread, softened butter (no fake stuff), shredded sharp Cheddar and Gold Star Chili! I spooned a bit of it in the middle - the more, the gooier!

Next up - Hawaiian Grilled Cheese! This was so delicious - start with Artesano bread, butter, Havarti cheese (super melty!), Pulled Pork, thinly sliced pineapple, BBQ sauce. The pineapple is essential - trust me!

Lastly was the Caprese - I used FRESH mozzarella, thinly sliced tomato and a healthy swipe of pesto. I had shredded on the bottom and sliced on the top and shredded on the bottom - the shredded melted so much better.

Here are the breakdowns for you:

Gold Star Grilled Cheese

* Artesano bread
* softened butter
* shredded Cheddar cheese
* Gold Star Chili

Caprese Grilled Cheese

* Artesano bread
* softened butter
* shredded fresh Mozzarella
* thinly sliced tomato
* Pesto

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

* Artesano bread
* softened butter
* Havarti cheese
* Pulled Pork (recipe below)
* Thinly sliced pineapple
* BBQ Sauce

Crock Pot Pulled Pork

* Country Style Pork Ribs
* Coca Cola
(Crock pot on low for 6-8 hours)

I hope you enjoy all of these great grilled cheese sandwiches and share your own creations with me!

Thanks to Sara Lee Artesano for sponsoring my visit to Local 12.

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