Food Hussy Review: Che - OTR

A while back I had a fun Girls Nite Out planned with my girl Kelleen and we needed a spot for dinner before the Maks & Val Tour we were headed to - where should we go????

We landed at Che - which is an Argentine-owned restaurant and bar in OTR near 14th & Walnut. 

They have a variety of Argentinian dishes from grilled meats to soups & stews but they are known for their empanadas. They have eight kinds and they are either $3 or $4 each.

But they had a special - I think it's a Happy Hour thing - where you can get all 8 for just $20!!! That's a savings of $8! Eight bucks buys hussy drinks!! We were in for that deal!

They also serve the empanadas with three sauces - a pesto, a gorgonzola and a pico. I was killing the gorgonzola.

They brought all of them together in a beautiful little row and they were in the same order as the menu so it was easy to figure them all out since they all look alike. Now for the run down!

De carne ($3) has spiced beef with cumin and paprika, hard boiled eggs and olives. This was $3 well spent!! This was probably my favorite!!!

De Espinaca ($3) - Baby spinach, mozzarella and provolone - so good! I really liked this one as well... (yes there's a pattern here)

Jamon y queso ($3) - very simply - Firewood ham and cheese - like a Hot Pocket but good!

And the last of the $3 empanadas was Queso y cebolla - sauteed onions, mozzarella and provolone.

Now we move onto the $4 empanadas - Shrimp scampi - by far the least favorite. I'm not sure why because I love shrimp - but this one just didn't do it for me.

Buffalo chicken ($4) filled with spicy chicken, mozzarella, provolone and goes great with the creamy gorgonzola dipping sauce.

Only two to go! The Breakfast has country style sausage, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.

Last one was a Spicy Smoked Pork Belly ($4) with braised pork belly, caramelized shallots and cheese. This was also good but duh - pork belly.

After sharing our empanadas, Kelleen and I headed to the Taft to see our hot Chmerkovskiy boyfriends dance the night away. It's a really great show - much better than the previous Dancing with the Stars shows that we've been to.

Why Should You Go? We liked the first four ($3) empanadas much better than the second four ($4). I would definitely get those - especially the de Carne - again. I'd love to go back and try more things from their menu as well. The staff was friendly. It was dead when we went - so can't say much about the vibe - but we enjoyed it.

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Food Hussy Review: Alabama Fish Bar - OTR

I've heard rave reviews about Alabama Fish Bar for quite some time but never been. There's no parking lot and I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I've finally been. And been again. And been again. 

Lucky for me - my buddy Roger is a frequent customer and showed me the ropes. He works in my building and I often will pick him up lunch if I'm out - he asked if I wanted fish - sure - where?! So off we went!

They have a very simple menu - and they say it - they do one thing and they do it right. They have fried fish and french fries. That's it. boom. done.

You can choose from Cod ($8.99), Perch ($7.99) or Whiting ($7.99) - everything comes with fries, 2 slices of bread and onions & peppers.

It's TINY. Like tiny doesn't even describe it - there is maybe enough room for 10 people to squish in there like sardines.

It's a bit like the Soup Nazi - there's no be polite and have someone call on you. You go - you get to the counter - you order quick and you step aside!

There is also the aroma of peppers and onions that just clears your sinuses and smells oh so good! On the counter they have a variety of sauces (malt vinegar, ketchup, mustard, etc).

They pop your order up and before they bag it - you can sauce it up however you like. Just so you know - the bread is on the bottom (I still don't really understand why I need the bread - but it's there) - then the fries - then the peppers & onions - then the fish. It is so fresh and hot and crunchy - I can't even.  (Whiting pictured above)

On my second visit I got Cod - and I also stole Roger's tartar sauce. Just as delicious as the whiting - it's all so good. What I loved is that in the time it took to drive back to work, park, get upstairs, get settled and start eating - the fish was still super hot and super crunchy!

I like my fries a little soft - the fish holds the heat in so they're still piping hot and there are some super crispy and some soft - but I love that combo. I use the extra tartar to dip my fries - yum!

You get this little packet of onions and peppers - so tangy and spicy - yum! I popped these while I was killing that fish. OMG it was all so good!

This fish is amazing - it's super simple but super delicious. It's definitely a regular lunch spot for me now. I'm so glad Roger showed me the way!

Why Should You Go? Just grab a parking spot wherever you can and get in there and get some fish. It's so good - I already know I'm going back next week and the week after that and the week after that!

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Food Hussy Giveaway! O'Charley's Kids Eat Free Thru 9/5!

This post is sponsored by O'Charley's but all opinions are my own. 

I headed back to O'Charley's to take my friend Jen and her little buddy out to dinner - we stopped at the Eastgate location right off 275. 

O'Charley's has a great promotion going on right now where kids under 10 eat free thru September 5. So after all that back-to-school shopping is done - you can grab a bite and not let it take a bite out of your wallet!

As always we started with their famous rolls - they are so good - so light and fluffy and always served with soft butter!!! (My favorite!)

This is Wally. He's as ornery (and adorable) as he looks. He was insistent on wanting five Hot Wheels - not 1, not 2, FIVE!!!!

Jen tried the Nashville Hot Chicken Salad - it comes with a salsa ranch and lots of great toppings. They also have the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich - which I got a while back - WHOOOOOO HOT!

The salad had great toppings and the hot chicken definitely got Jen at one point - her eyes and nose started running and I think smoke came out of her ears!!! But she kept going like a trooper!

I tried the Prime Rib Pasta - I've wondered about it for a while and decided to try. It's got prime rib, lots of bacon, asparagus, mushrooms and penne pasta tossed in a sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce and then topped with a Cajun Horseradish sauce for another kick.

And then there's my buddy!!! He went for mac & cheese with french fries - a pretty classic kids meal and for him - it's free! Woohoo - they also have pizza, corn dog, burger, chicken tenders, shrimp, chicken breast and grilled cheese.

So what is your kid's favorite kids meal? Let me know and you could be dining for free at O'Charley's very soon! And don't forget kids under 10 are free thru September 5!

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Vote for me! Dreamjobbing #HomeandFamilyHomeCook Contest!

Hey friends - I am competing in the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family Home Cook Dream Job contest! I'd love for you to vote for me by clicking THIS LINK and liking my video!


And here's the recipe we made - it's a take on my Mom's famous Peach Cobbler!

Personal Pan Blueberry Cobblers!


1 can blueberry pie filling 
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 T cornstarch
pinch salt
1/4 cup boiling water


* Spoon pie filling into four personal sized pie plates sprayed with cooking spray
* Cream 3/4 cup sugar with 1/2 cup butter
* Add salt, flour, baking powder and milk to make a batter
* Spread the batter over fruit
* In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup sugar, cornstarch & pinch of salt
* Sprinkle evenly over batter
* Pour a couple tablespoons of boiling water over ALL of sugar on your individual pies - be sure to cover every grain of sugar! This is where the magic happens!
* Bake at 375 for 30-35 minutes (take out when top is golden brown)

Food Hussy Recipe: Oven Baked Ribs & Win a $300 LeCreuset Dutch Oven!

I've been eating a lot of pork lately - it's just easy to cook, juicy and so delicious. Also - being from Iowa - it's sort of in my blood to like it! And I've been working with the Ohio Pork Council recently and they want to know what YOU think about pork! 

So - they have a quick survey for you to take - you could win a Le Creuset Dutch Oven just for taking the survey!

And to celebrate one of my favorite ways to eat pork with you by sharing an easy way to have RIBS!

I started with a big ol' rack of St. Louis style spareribs. These are the meatiest of the ribs and come from the belly of the pig.

I used a sweet rub from Colonel De's that I had in my cupboard - I love a dry rub on ribs - it's actually my preference over sauce. It's best to put the rub on and then leave it in the fridge overnight so the spices really have time to get in the meat. 

Then you bake at 275 for 2.5-3 hours. I took it out with about an hour left to check on it - and it smelled amazing!!!!

Then I added some magic - I just met the competition BBQ team at Historic BBQ in Lebanon and they gave me some of their sauce which I was too excited about. So I grabbed the bottle and went to town! I got the ribs covered in that yummy sauce and back in the oven for another hour.

 And voila - here we go! Time for dinner (and lunch for Monday!)

I had already had dinner - but I dug in anyway and grabbed a couple ribs. They were so juicy and delicious! I can't wait for lunch leftovers!!!

So what's your favorite cut of pork? Bacon? Tenderloin? Chops? Ribs? Let us know your thoughts - good, bad and everything else! You'll be entered to win a $300 Le Creuset Dutch Oven!

Easy Oven Baked Ribs

* Rack of ribs (back or spare)
* Favorite rub (Colonel De's)
* Favorite sauce (Historic BBQ Original)

* Coat ribs with your favorite seasoning rub and refrigerate overnight.
* Preheat oven to 275
* Cover pan in parchment paper and set a cooling rack on the pan.
* Set the ribs on the cooling rack (meat side up)
* Bake for 2.5-3 hours
* Add sauce to both sides during the last hour - as much as you like

Food Hussy: Nerds, Cows and Comedians - Final Cut Steakhouse, Lawrenceburg, IN

There are quite a few things in this life that I really get excited about - here are three of them:

1. Big Bang Theory
2. Steak
3. Kathy Griffin

Put them all together and you've got a great night out at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana! It's only a short drive from Cincinnati and is an amazing time!!! After a little gambling with my favorite nerds, we ate some delicious cow at Final Cut and finally - we saw my sister from another mister - Miss Kathy G! 

Dinner started with fresh soft bread - a round loaf and a giant pretzel bread - both delicious and served with softened, salted butter. Oh how do you make butter better? Cover it in salt!

Then we got a couple of drinks - they have these fancy iPads for ordering drinks - which is helpful. The drinks were pretty strong. #whew

We started with salads - my friend Leah chose the Caesar salad ($8) and it looked Caesarrific! (What can I say to something I didn't try?!)

I got the Wedge ($8) which I am now confidently addicted to. I have FINALLY developed a mild adoration for bleu cheese - I can't have it TOO funky - but a mild bleu I can do. The bacon, the tomatoes, the homemade ranch all just add to the wonderment. It's so simple but delicious. Sometimes they have bleu dressing as well but I liked this having ranch dressing - helped ease me into the funk.

For an appetizer we tried the Final Cut's Signature Crab Cake served with citrus aioli, passion fruit honey mustard and roasted pineapple relish. This was soooo good - it was full of crab - no fillers and then the pineapple relish - oye light and fruity - not overpowering the crab whatsoever. Nearly my favorite thing of the night.

 We also got a couple of sides - we went decadent and over the top with one - Macaroni and Cheese ($8). It was really creamy and thick and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs

For the other side we chose Sauteed Mushrooms ($8) because they go so well with steak - rich and buttery is always a good combo!

I got the special which was a ribeye (of course) with compound butter and pickled red onions.

It was a perfect medium rare and the pickled onions were so good. They were served cold so it was a great crunchy combination with the steak. I was in heaven! But I was even nice enough to leave some for my hubby that couldn't come with.

And then it was time for Kathy G! The staff stayed aware of our dinner and the time so we didn't miss anything. They also held our leftovers for us while we went to show.

We had a great time at the show - it was kind of interesting in that the Lawrenceburg Event Center is pretty small - and just so you know - you can DEFINITELY walk there from Hollywood Casino. We took the bus over but walked back. Easy peasy.

When we got back to get our leftovers - they had also put some desserts in there for us since we didn't have time for it before the show. I chose the Carrot Cake which was amazing! Definitely 3 servings there!

Why Should You Go? Be sure to keep up on the Lawrenceburg Event Center calendar so you don't miss any great folks. And come with an empty stomach for sure!!!
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