Celebrate National Donut Day by throwing a Donut Party!

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June 2 is National Donut Day and I decided we needed to have a little donut party with our friends at Local 12! We'll just consider it the donut's birthday! 

There are a lot of fun things you can do for a donut party! 
  • I made a cake out of donut holes and spelled out 12 for Local 12. I was going to spell out BOB but didn't have enough donut holes. :-) 
  • I found all my fun donut trinkets like mugs and frisbees and even some cute necklaces! 
  • You can easily find donut plates online too! 
  • On Local 12, I'll also be doing donut decorating and making cake pops from donut holes! 
The thing is - I have a good friend that recently threw a donut party for her two year old twins and it's seriously adorable - take a peek: 

Photo courtesy of FuelingMamahood.com

Photo courtesy of FuelingMamahood.com

Photo courtesy of FuelingMamahood.com
Photo courtesy of FuelingMamahood.com

I hope you'll throw your own donut party with some of these ideas and celebrate National Donut Day yourself!

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Donut necklaces

Food Hussy Review: Litehouse Dressings & Bouquet

This post is sponsored by Litehouse Dressing but all opinions are my own.

Last week was a pretty bomb week - for one reason - I got invited to have dinner at Bouquet in Covington and hang out with my blogging hussies! Does it get any better? 

We were invited by Litehouse Foods - they're the ones that have the dressing in the refrigerated area  near the produce. I mean - kinda makes sense - why would you buy dressing that's not with the vegetables?! Litehouse has great dressings, dips, cheeses and herbs.

I've actually tried Litehouse before and made some great shrimp tacos with their dressing and herbs!

Bouquet is a quaint little place right in Mainstrasse and I've heard such great things about them - I was very excited to get to go! There's a large public parking lot behind the restaurant that is free after 6pm. :-)

The folks from Litehouse had veggies and fruits with our names as placecards. Somehow I got the mini pineapple - um ADORABLE! Everybody was jealous of me. We were going to have shared apps, get a cooking demo, then choose our entree and share dessert. So a good night of eats was afoot! Pretty sure you guys will all know which entree I chose!

The appetizers were very veggie friendly - first we had a crostini with slaw on top. It was crunchy and crispy and light!

We also had cucumber with a spot of guacamole (maybe?) and a pickled red onion. I'm realizing that all my favorite foods have pickled red onion on them. I might need to learn how to pickle my own.

Then there's my favorite - I probably ate HALF of what was there. I'd only had chips and applesauce for lunch so I was getting the shakes - and this hit the spot. Pear, prosciutto and bleu cheese on a stick. I was scarfing them and totes didn't care what anybody thought. Sometimes simple is perfect. 

Then we got to learn a little more about Litehouse and have a cooking demonstration. Litehouse Dressings come in creamy (Ranch, Bleu, Thousand Island, Caesar), Vinaigrette (Sriracha Lime, Balsamic), Greek Yogurt (Coleslaw, Kalamata Feta) and Organic (Raspberry Lime, Ginger with Honey).

I didn't realize all the varieties - I mean - Avocado Ranch with Bacon?! Yes please!!!!

Our guest chef was Lisa Andrews - aka Nutrigirl! She has her own business where she gives nutritional lectures, does menu planning, diet counseling and she'll even go on a grocery store tour with you! She's a big fan of Litehouse and was making a salad for us. 

Lisa made us a nice salad with coleslaw mix, cucumber, apple and Litehouse Homestyle Ranch. It was really delicious and so simple! I would never think to add apple to the slaw but it was really great - I loved the added sweetness. Here's the recipe:

Litehouse Ranch Slaw

1 bag of cole slaw (10 oz)
2 pink lady apples, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
1 cup Litehouse home style ranch
1/2 cup fresh mint, torn

Combine all ingredients and serve! 

But finally - we got to have some of the specialties that Bouquet had for us!

First up was a salad duo with a house salad and this amazing basil lentil salad with burnt carrots. We were able to have Litehouse Bleu Cheese and Litehouse Ranch to try both and see which we liked with what. I loved the Bleu on the basil lentil salad.

I loved the salad so much I have to break it down - first - the black lentils are so delicious! They're cooked but served cold and are just tiny little bites of crunchy yum - not crunchy like a chip - but just a pop and a bite. Next - burnt carrots. I'm kind of obsessed with them. They have them in a salad at Metropole and I just had them in Kroger's new meal kits. They're super easy to make and I actually made them tonight - cast iron pan - carrot discs - olive oil - go! So good!

And shocker - I chose the Hangar Steak! This is on their regular menu as well - it's served over asparagus, Sheltowee Farm mushroom and a garlic herb emulsion with a confit shallot on top. This was by far the best steak I've had in a very long time! It was the perfect medium rare and so delicious! (Lucky for you - it's on their regular menu! $28)

Seriously - nearly a week later - I'm still thinking about this steak!

Adventure Mom went for the Ora King Salmon (also on their menu but with Halibut). This is served with chickpea, kale, jasmin rice and a dill creme fraiche. She said it was really great as well. (But there's no way it was as good as my steak!)

We all managed to save a little room for dessert - you kinda have to - right?! First up was a PB&J brownie - wow! That was a great brownie with a dollop of peanut butter, a dollop of whipped cream and some jelly in the middle. The brownie was really great - I could have eaten a pan of those with the whipped cream!

And lastly we had strawberry creme brulee on a spoon! What a fun way to serve it - just a nice bite for us to finish off the evening.

One additional thing I love about Bouquet is that they do a price fixe tasting menu ($50 - wine pairing for additional $25). It's 5 courses and sounds amazing! Hopefully I can make it back to try this out.

This was a wonderful dinner and it was great to find out about all the great dressings that Litehouse Foods has to offer. Litehouse dressings are sold at Kroger, Meijer, Walmart and Target - so pretty much everywhere - and remember - they're in the refrigerated area with the produce!

Bouquet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Summer Fun at Liberty Center in West Chester!

This post is sponsored by Liberty Center. All opinions are my own.

Normally - the mall isn't the first place I think of for summer fun - but then again - that was before Liberty Center opened. 

They have summer fun cornered! If you're looking for something to do - pretty much every day there's something going on!

Liberty Center has the best of both worlds - with an indoor mall where the concierge desk is (they even have snacks and essentials like ibuprofen) - and an outdoor mall. The outdoor mall tends to be where the action is and I had fun exploring. 

I stopped into Rookwood Pottery and got my Mom a little gift - they have so many nice gifts at all price ranges. These little cardinals are just $20.

And then there's Moochie & Co for my four-legged family members. Oh man - I wish my dogs tolerated clothing because I would love to take Wienie to a Fourth of July party wearing this!

There's also a fun fountain that the kids were enjoying to the fullest. I wished I could just run over and jump in with him!

The green space is also great - it was beautiful on Saturday and I found so many wonderful spaces to just hang out and relax! The gardens upstairs are peaceful and nobody was up there! On the main greens I just sat down and took a break for a while. I'm guessing they have wi-fi - I might need to just go there some weekend to get some work done.

As a reminder - there are big parking lots for free or you can pay for a metered spot closer to your destination. All of the funds from the meters go to charity.

If you've got a trainiac in your midst - there's an outdoor model train set up near the fountains. I can imagine kids getting quite a kick out of the train, waterfall and nature setup.

If you don't want to be outside - there are entertainment options inside as well. There's the Cinebistro where you can watch a movie and have dinner + drinks or Funny Bone Comedy Club where you can laugh and laugh and laugh! 

And - of course - there's outdoor dining at every turn. So take advantage of the great weather and have dinner outside at any number of options.

Liberty Center is definitely changing my thoughts on shopping! There's so much to do and pretty much every day of the week. It's very busy - but it doesn't feel "packed" like so many other places - so I'm anxious to check them out for these great summer fun events! 

Food Hussy Recipe: Bacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs

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HeluvaGood! Dips are my favorite - they have been for years. This year I'm jazzing up Memorial Day with them in two ways - deviled eggs and as a burger topping! 

When it comes to burgers - I usually mix in dry onion soup mix into my hamburger but this time I tried something different. I just cooked up hamburgers and topped them with French Onion Dip. It was delicious!!!! Definitely worth a try - you've already got dip for the chips - so skip the ketchup & mustard and try some dip!  

Now - I love deviled eggs but with the allergic husband I rarely make them. But with Memorial Day upon us - it's the time of year when it's sort of mandatory to make them - and I can take them to the picnic with friends so it's not just me eating them! 

The folks at Heluva Good! Dips sent me a box of dips to try and I thought this recipe sounded good. But I like to change things up - of course - and I like some boom pow in my eggs so I went for the Bacon Horseradish Dip instead of the Ranch.

 It's a simple recipe - egg yolks, dip, dijon mustard, lemon juice, hot sauce and a little salt - that's it!

Now I'll admit - my filling is a little runny! Argh - but I'm making these again in the morning on Fox19 so I'll get the proportions better in the morning. I had used medium eggs instead of large - so I think that is my problem. Just a little less lemon juice and dip.

The nice thing is that even runny - they taste great! So Saturday morning on Fox19 - wish me luck that I have a thicker filling!!! 



Place the eggs in a large saucepan and cover with water by 1-inch. Bring to a boil. As soon as the water comes to a boil, set a timer for 10 minutes, and boil the eggs for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and place in ice water. Peel the eggs and cut in 1/2 lengthwise. Remove the yolks from the whites and put in a medium bowl. With the back of a fork, mash the yolks. Add bacon horseradish dip, mustard, lemon juice, salt and hot sauce, and mix well. Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into the egg white halves.

Food Hussy Restaurant Review: Taqueria San Miguel - Covington, KY

My coworkers and I are kind of obsessed with taquerias - there are so many of them around that it's easy to find a new one we haven't been to. 

Next up on the list was Taqueria San Miguel in downtown Covington on Madison. It doesn't appear too inviting on the outside but once you go inside it's super clean and wide open. There were quite a few people there for lunch. 

Our M.O. is to order a variety of tacos to see how they do the basics. Audrey went for a carne asada steak taco - pretty standard with a corn tortilla, onions and cilantro. It was OK - a little dry - but she added some salsa.

Then the other standard - Al Pastor. It's a tricky dish with a red sauce and a sweet surprise of pineapple inside. Then topped with onion and cilantro. This was pretty good - not my favorite Al Pastor but not too bad. (My fav is still La Mexicana in Newport.)

I also got a tostada (I think that's what it was) which was open faced and had lots of toppings. This was really tasty but a little difficult to eat. I broke off pieces and ate it like nachos.

I also got a shrimp taco which was probably my favorite - the shrimp was juicy and it was loaded with toppings! Love when they have an "Americanized" version with sour cream and cheese.

Taqueria San Miguel also has a good selection of beer if you're in the mood for that.

Why Should You Go? Well - it's not bad - I still like La Mexicana better but all in all - we had a good lunch and it's very affordable.

Taqueria San Miguel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Is Pork Bad for You and 5 Other Myths About Pork BUSTED!

This post is sponsored by the Ohio Pork Council. All opinions are my own.
Photo courtesy of PorkBeInspired.com

I love pork. Breaded pork tenderloins. Pork roast. Pork chops. Ham. Pork tenderloin. Ribs. Bacon. Bacon. Did I mention bacon?! 

And sometimes I talk to a friend and mention my love of pork and they give me a funny look - like they just smelled something funky. And I respond with shock and dismay. But then when I probe deeper - it's not the pork's fault! There are these silly myths out there about pork - and thankfully - I've met with farmers from right here in Ohio and now I can BUST those myths up! 

Myth #1: You must cook pork all the way through so there is no pink.

Is it ok to eat pork when it's pink?

Fact: Pork is leaner than it was 15 years ago and very easy to overcook. Most cuts (chops, loin, etc) need to be cooked to 140 degrees, followed by a 3-minute rest time. Ground pork, like other ground meat, needs to be cooked to 160 degrees. 

TIP: Use a simple meat thermometer! It is the best way to prevent over- or undercooked meat.

TIP: Check out this chart anytime you have a question on cooking temps for pork!

Myth #2: Pigs are dirty/messy. 

Are pigs dirty? 

Fact: Nope. Pigs actually love being clean. (See the video above!) When you see them in mud - it's because it cools them down and protects them from the sun. What about in the barns? Yes, there's some poo in there - but the grates are for the poo to drop under the floor. Why? It's recycled into fertilizer (pig poo is a great fertilizer for corn). 

Also - the facilities are hyper-sensitive about germs and humans. Farms like these require you to shower in and shower out. Now - it's not sexy - but it's necessary. They won't allow their piglets to be compromised. They have specific clothes that can go in the barn - all the way down to the skivvies. It's not a fancy shower - I mean - you're in a barn - but it does the job and it was worth it. I mean if I have to shower to cuddle a piglet - I'm down with that. 
Myth #3: All pork is high in fat and should be avoided.  

Is pork bad for you?
Fact: Actually, there are 7 cuts of pork that contain less fat than skinless chicken breast. (Say what?!) Cuts of pork that are the most healthy include pork chops, pork loin roasts, Canadian bacon and pork tenderloin. Of course, that is before cooking with added fat or other ingredients that would change the profile.

TIP: Compare for yourself! Here's a great chart with all the nutrition stats - eye opening! 

TIP: With pork chops - leave fat on them when you cook. The fat helps seal in the flavor and then you can trim it off before you serve it.  

Myth #4: Pork is the only meat that may contain a parasite that causes trichinosis.

Does pork have worms? 

Fact: Times have changed, we don’t use morse code or typewriters to communicate and MOST don’t feed pigs slop on the dirt. (Some still do but it's the minority for sure.) They have good food in clean feeders and that keeps the worms away.

For more specifics, Trichinosis is a parasitic disease caused by humans or animals eating raw or undercooked pork, wild game or animals such as bears, wolves, seals, wild boars and rats. Trichinosis is extremely rare in the United States. Between 2002-2007, there were 11 reported cases in the US each year. (per WikipediaIf the parasite were present, it would be killed at cooking temperatures above 140 degrees. It is recommended that you cook pork to 145 - there is no risk of the parasite surviving. 
TIP: Reminder to buy that meat thermometer. They're cheap and reliable. 

Uncle Squeals: Hog Farmer Extraordinaire!
Myth #5: I don't know where pork in the grocery store is from? 

Where does pork come from?
Fact: More than 3500 family farms in Ohio raise enough pork to feed about 25 million people. (Uncle Squeals is one of my favorites!) So when you buy pork at the grocery store or the farmers market, you are supporting Ohio farm families that product that pork. 

Myth #6: Pork has antibiotics and hormones. I don't want that in my food!

Does pork have antibiotics? Does pork have growth hormones? 
Fact: First: Pork is tested to be sure there are no harmful antibiotic residue in the pork as it's processed. When antibiotics are necessary to treat sick or at-risk animals, farmers must follow a strict withdrawal period to ensure the medication is out of the pig's system before entering the food supply. 

Second: Hormones are not permitted for use in growing pigs. Therefore, the claim “no hormones added” cannot be used on the labels of pork or poultry unless it is followed by the statement “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.”

Third: I've visited numerous farms across the state and talked with farmers. They explained to me why they raise their pigs in barns. It's actually healthier for the pigs. There are computers in the barns that monitor the temperature, the air quality and more. They have misters in the summer and heaters in the winter. They all work together to keep the pigs comfortable and growing well on their own. 

Side note: Pigs that are outside in the winter have to eat more to maintain their body temp - but pigs in the barns can use all that energy to grow. These are efficiencies that modern agriculture has helped create! 

Tips for Delicious Pork

So there you have it - pork myths busted! And you've learned some tips for making juicy, delicious pork at home. I'd love to hear about your favorite cut of pork and how you have it?

Five Places You Must Visit in Austin, Texas!

I was lucky enough to visit Austin recently on a blogger conference and WOW did that city impress me! So I wanted to share with you 5 places you MUST visit on your trip to Austin! 

This pillow gives you a hint of everything you can see and do there - it's a veritable bucket list of Austin. If you're going for a while - just print off this image and start your list!

When I'm in a new city, I like to find a tour if possible. I figure I can get help from the pros and see everything I need to see in a short time. The folks at Austin Detours were accommodating and provided me two tickets on their Real Austin Tour.

This “bucket list tour” gives you a city overview in just 2 hours. Major landmarks, lesser known gems that only a local would know about, real neighborhoods, and of course, the food trucks! This is definitely not a typical “van tour.” We drive in Mercedes vans, but you get out at many stops. Along the way we’ll chat about art, music, culture, food, history, parks, famous people, and much more! We’ll also discover secret spots, hear funny stories, and decipher local legends. Make new memories and laugh a ton as we show you how we “Keep Austin Weird.” Finally experience Austin, don’t just see it through a window!

The tour provided me a few of the items I put on the 5 MUST SEE STOPS when you visit Austin!

1. The Texas State Capitol - If there's a state with more pride - I don't know of it. The capital is beautiful and there is a lot of history and stories that the tour shared. We did walk a little but nothing too much. We had a beautiful day - the gorgeous building against the clear blue sky was perfect.

Inside the capital - the different areas are amazing. This domed section was breathtaking. We also saw portraits of all the Texas governors including a bust of George & George W.

Much to our surprise - we also saw a proposal! We're listening to our tour guide share bits of history and suddenly - he gets down on one knee right in front of us! Their parents were hiding on the balcony above and there was applause all around.

2. Castle Hill Graffiti Park - I can confidently say we NEVER would have found this on our own! It's in a neighborhood, off the beaten path and you'd never know it was there unless someone told you.

The Graffiti Park is open to the public and anybody can go in and create and add to the artwork. While we were there - there were people having fun and with spray paint as well as artists making their next great creation.

The vibrancy was amazing! But - you better photograph your art because it could be gone in a matter of minutes! I think this one will stay awhile.

3. Greetings from Austin Postcard Mural - everybody needs their photo snapped in front of this life-sized postcard. As we stood there - folks were walking up, pulling over, snapping from their cars and everything else. It's a must-have photo!

4. Food Trucks - Austin is home to over 1000 food trucks and I would love to try each and every one! That might be impossible - but it would be fun to try. The Austin Detour stops at one but we tried a few more on our visit as well. My favorite was Gourdough's - the biggest and baddest donut shop in town. My favorite was the Flying Pig (an ode to Cincinnati) with maple frosting and two slices of perfectly cooked bacon on top. The one above is the coconut cream - yeah - there's a donut under all that! 

5. Perla's Seafood - The thing I loved is that none of the restaurants we tried had a wait - not because they're not amazing - but because there are so many food options - that there's enough for everyone. We stopped at Perla's Seafood and it was AMAZING! I got the ceviche pictured above and scallop risotto and split them with a friend. I would highly recommend this if you like seafood - they have it flown in fresh and have so many options! It was amazing!!!! We sat out front on the patio and the weather was perfection. I couldn't have asked for a better dinner with my big group of new friends! 

So there you have it - five must-see stops when you visit Austin all wrapped up in a bow! I would start with the Austin Detour and that way you get a lay of the land and you can ask for tips from your tour driver! 

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