Restaurant Review: Quaker Steak & Lube - Milford

Recently I was invited to Quaker Steak & Lube in Milford. We've only been once before - it's not on Rt 28 - so I just don't think of it - and the time I went it was just ok. But off we went! 

 It's got a major auto racing vibe - which was fun - since we had just been to the Brickyard 400! The door handle is a gas handle - there are cars hanging from the ceiling and more around every corner.

Larry is a big pretzel fan (so am I) - we got Bavarian Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip. Now I love salt - like literally - I'll eat plain salt - but these were a bit too salty and tasted a little stale. So just okay.

I got a side salad with my wings and it was fine - nothing too exciting - good ranch though.

We were there to try the Bangin Drums - which are 3x larger than their already famous Jumbo Wings. Basically - it's a regular chicken leg that is fried (maybe battered too). They are very crispy and the buffalo was zippy but not too spicy. The wing meat was a bit dry but the crispy was great.

Why Should You Go? If you like racing or wings - it's a great option. Larry got the Bangin Drums as well and was peachy keen happy with them.

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Restaurant Review: Greenies - Milford

Hubby and I drive up and down the Milford strip dozens of times every week and have driven by Greenies probably thousands of times but never stopped - until now. 

It's a bit of an odd placement - you see it from Rt 28 - but the entrance is on the back side. It always seemed a bit shady/seedy - and yet - here we are going anyway.

Inside - it's odd. It's very dark and is like a warehouse with super high ceilings. There's an open air patio/deck area but it was occupied by people smoking and playing beer pong. (um no thanks)

There was NOBODY there - it's a HUGE place and there were maybe 4 tables of people other than the partiers on the patio. When our server wasn't attending to us - she was smoking on the patio and chatting it up with the folks out there (regulars I'm guessing).

Larry wanted Mozzarella Sticks ($7.49) and they were fine - very crunchy and pretty good. Nothing special.

I ordered the Taco Salad ($9.49) with - according to the menu - Seasoned beef, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and kidney beans. Served with our sweet and spicy Italian blend dressing and tortilla chips for crunch. The beef wasn't seasoned, no beans, that was ranch (not sweet & spicy Italian) and there were no chips.

Needless to say - it sucked.

Larry got a burger and said it was fine. It did look like a good burger - handmade patty and a seriously pale ass tomato (why bother - go to Shaw Farms and get fresh tomatoes - please).

Why Should You Go? Don't.

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Restaurant Review: Marco's Pizza - Milford

I'm always looking for good delivery pizza because sometimes - I'm tired. 

I realized I hadn't tried Marco's Pizza and I drive by them every day! They're in a little strip mall on Rt 28 in Milford. And they had reached out to me to try their new Ultimate Magnifico Pizza so I said, "Sure - I'll try a free pizza!"

Marco's has a special going on through Sunday where you can get a large Ultimate Magnifico pizza and a 64 oz Pure Leaf Iced Tea for just $12.99. The Ultimate Magnifico comes with Pepperoni, Sausage, Old World Pepperoni (the little discs) and crumbled sausage - it's like a meat lovers on steroids! 

The large is normally $16.99 and you can get the large plus the sweet tea for just $12.99! That's a great deal! With cups and paper plates - we were ready for a yummy dinner that meant I didn't have to do any dishes! 

We loved the pizza from Marco's Pizza - the Old World Pepperoni was great because it was crispy and crunchy and added a lot of zip to the pizza.

Thanks again to Marco's for the free pizza and I hope you'll check it out - be sure to get that Old World Pepperoni too! Yum!

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Giveaway: Murray's Cheese Fest 2017

One year - my husband and I made New Year's Resolutions - he was giving up beer - I was giving up cheese. He lasted two days. I lasted 45 days - the WORST 45 DAYS OF MY LIFE! 

But have no fear - those days are behind me and I'm all about eating cheese again! Thank Goodness because Murray's is again presenting their Cheese Fest!!!

Well first - there's cheese. There are cheese samples - sweet, bitter, funky, melty, soft, hard and everything in between. My favorite sample every year is the Blueberry Goat Cheese. They also have a store where you can purchase cheese and this one sells out every year! So grab that before it's gone! 

There was also a mac & cheese tasting and a grilled cheese tasting. This is one of my favorite parts because chefs around the city come and make their best. (Did I mention you shouldn't eat for at least 24 hours before???)

They also have some special tastings you can pay extra for - they have bourbon, wine and beer along with cooking demos.

This year the event is again at Smale Park - it had a much different feel than the previous year. Last year got spoiled by rain - so watch the forecast! But no worries about them running out of cheese - that is not possible. It was much more spaced out as well - so not so claustrophobic. 

I've got two pair of tickets including a beverage tasting that I'm giving away - so be sure to enter below and on Facebook! I'm giving away one pair on each site!

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The Generous Pour - only at Capital Grille until 9/3!

It's Generous Pour time again and the Capital Grille was gracious enough to provide dinner for me and a couple of friends. 

Capital Grille is a really great steakhouse in Norwood next to Seasons 52. They're known for their steak, seafood and their wine selection.

Every summer they bring out the Generous Pour which is one of my favorite foodie events of the year! You get the chance to experience a selection of California and Oregon wines each rated 90 points or higher.

You get to try 7 wines for just $28 with your meal! The Generous Pour is only available for a couple more weeks - it ends on September 3 - so find out all the details here.

The Generous Pour is served throughout your meal - and we got to try lots of delicious items. I went for crab, crab and lobster - because that's what I love. First up, my friend Andi and I shared our appetizers mainly so we could have 2! She chose the lobster & crab cakes ($19) which was delicious! These are all lobster & crab with no fillers - so if you love crab cakes - these are some of the best.

I love crab so much I chose the Jumbo Lump Crab Cocktail ($19) and it did not disappoint. It's just big hunks of crab - I don't really even bother with the sauce - I just inhale the crab.

And along the way...more wine of course!

For a salad, I went with the Caprese with the 15 year aged balsamic vinegar ($13). This was the only dish to really disappoint. The mozzarella was fantastic but the tomatoes weren't ripe and this is prime season for ripe tomatoes.

For my entree - there's only one choice - I always go for the Porcini Rubbed Bone In Ribeye ($53) with the 15 year aged Balsamic. There's just nothing better than a bone-in ribeye and the porcini rub just adds so much depth of flavor. (The Porcini rub is dried porcini mushrooms that are made into a powder and rubbed on the steak. You can add that to any steak!)

For the side there is only one choice for me - Lobster Mac & Cheese ($18). Their sides are large enough to share but share I did not! I took just a few bites and had the rest for lunch the next day! This is by far my favorite restaurant mac & cheese - it's thick and rich and decadent - creamy cheese sauce, campanelle shaped pasta and huge perfectly cooked chunks of sweet lobster.

The server recommended we add the scallops (2 for $10). They were fine but nothing special - I wouldn't add them again.

After all that - we had leftover boxes galore and made sure to save room for dessert. I went with the Capital Grille Cheesecake ($11) - it's served brulee style and is like no cheesecake I've had. I think they said it's made with ricotta. It was delicious!

Andi got the Warm Double Chocolate Cake ($11) with Port Wine Infused Cherries and Vanilla Ice Cream. Andi insisted on sharing a bite with me and I'm so glad she did. It was delicious! The thing I liked about the cake was that it was rich but not too rich. Sometimes chocolate desserts are too much - too heavy - too dark. This was almost light and fluffy - but then rich as well. And the light dusting of powdered sugar was the perfect topping.

And all along the way - we had amazing glasses of wine thanks to the Generous Pour. It doesn't get much better than that!

Head to Capital Grille before September 3 to take advantage of the Generous Pour for yourself! Just $28/person!

Join me on Fox 19 at 950am! National Sandwich Month!

It's National Sandwich Month! Join me this morning at 950am on Fox 19!

I'll be making a delicious breakfast sandwich that is ooey, gooey and bacony goodness! Join me!



1 Thomas’® Original English Muffin
1 slice cheddar cheese 
2 eggs 
2 slices of cooked bacon
5 cooked tater tots


1. Lightly toast English Muffin
2. Cook eggs over medium heat until whites are cooked through and yolks are just set
3. Top one half of the English Muffin with cheese, bacon and tater tots
4. Place both eggs on top of tater tots
5. Top with remaining English Muffin half and serve

Food Hussy Recipe: Pork Sliders with Mushroom & Smoked Gouda Mayo

This post is sponsored by the Ohio Pork Council. All opinions are my own.

Recently I planned and attended a Farm Dinner with bloggers and Ohio Hog Farmers on behalf of the Ohio Pork Council. We're trying to get together so we can all learn more about each other and share that knowledge with you! 

My friend Uncle Squeals was also at the Surber farm. We shared stories about our visits at the farm and I relegated them with tales of me wearing a bright red-orange unitard!

Interestingly enough a couple of us had received an email about signing a petition to stop tail docking on piglets. But having visited a couple of hog farms - I knew the reason behind tail docking and that it's done for a very humane reason (piglets are a bit rowdy and if left to their own devices - they will chew off each other's tails!). But the thing is - without having these hands-on experiences - I wouldn't know why it was done. That's the great thing about these opportunities - we get to learn more and share that with you!

I also know that these farmers love their animals. Yes - we're going to eat them - but I have full confidence that they are treated humanely and with great care before that day comes.

In addition to the conversation - we got to eat a lot of delicious food! Chef Matt (who catered my wedding) with Colonel De Spices was there and made these amazing Creole Pan Fried Pork Chops. Even when you pan fry chops - cook them to 140 - then let them rest!!! These had a savory & spicy cream sauce with sauteed peppers and onions - so good!

My good friend Casey from Batter Up Bakery in Leesburg also came to hang out and brought some amazing goodies with her. We had cake cups with fresh fruit and frosting...

Then Casey shocked me by making my Mom's Peach Cobbler with fresh blueberries & raspberries from local farms. This was pretty much the same as what I did for 4th of July. Everybody loved it - which made my Mom very happy!

Casey always uses local produce - which went along with our farm to table day - so if you love a specific fruit - her bakery is the place to go - she's always making amazing treats with the fruit of the month. Right now - you'll find lots of peaches in her bakery - so yeah - I've been there a few times to say the least. :-)

Our hosts also contributed to the dinner and made these amazing side dishes - my favorite of which was the baked beans. They were cooked low and slow and were so rich. You just knew with one bite that they had been baked for hours. So good!

My friend Jill from Foodtastic Mom was at the dinner and shared the Pork Schnitzel recipe. Here's the thing though - as an Iowa girl - Pork Schnitzel is just a Breaded Pork Tenderloin - like we have in Iowa! I was GIDDY to find this out! NOW I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF! This and Maid Rites are my two favorite Iowa foods - so I love being able to make them myself!

Here are a couple of tips on making your own pork schnitzel:

* use parchment paper to pound out the pork tenderloin on top and bottom
* be sure to use pork tenderloin - it will ensure the schnitzel is juicy

Then Chef Matt made these amazing sliders! Colonel De has these crazy cool cheese powders - when you add them to a recipe it adds all that cheese flavor - without having to add the actual cheese! These pork burger sliders had Smoked Gouda in the mayo and wow - it was like they had cheese on them!

All in all - we had a great day - met some great people and ate a LOT of delicious pork. I hope you'll enjoy these recipes as much as we did!

Pork Sliders with Mushrooms + Smoked Gouda Mayonnaise

* 1.5 pounds of fresh ground pork
* 12 oz sliced mushrooms
* 1/4 cup minced onion
* 1/4 cup diced red bell pepper
* 1 Tablespoon of unsalted butter
* 1 cup of mayonnaise
* 1 Tablespoon of smoked gouda powder
* 12 slider buns
* Colonel De's Chef's Seasoning to taste

- Combine pork, onion and peppers - mix well. Portion into 12 slider patties.
- Saute mushrooms in butter and season with Chef's seasoning
- Mix gouda powder with mayonnaise and set aside
- Grill patties and toast slider buns, top with sauteed mushrooms, spread buns with mayo and serve

Food Hussy Recipe: S'mores Melts for National S'mores Day!

This post is sponsored by Thomas' English Muffins but all opinions are my own.

August 10 is National S'mores Day! 

S'mores have been around since the 1920s and are a campfire treat! The first official recipe was published in a Girl Scout Handbook way back in 1927! 

Why is it called a S'more - because you always want SOME MORE! 

To celebrate - Thomas' English Muffins has come out with their very own S'mores English Muffins with little nuggets of chocolate and marshmallow. They're great on their own with a little butter or cream cheese or as the graham cracker substitute for your s'mores!

Today on Local 12 - I'm making S'mores Melts which are simple and decadent..and, because there is bacon, Bob will love it.

I hope you will too!

S'mores Melt

* Thomas' S'mores English Muffins
* Fried Thick Cut Bacon
* Chocolate or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
* Jumbo Marshmallows

- Break apart your english muffin with a fork (not a knife) and toast
- Spread the chocolate spread on the bottom muffin
- Layer two pieces of thick cut bacon (1 slice cut in 2 pieces) on the top half
- Toast your marshmallow (over the fire, with a torch - however you like)
- Use the two halves of your sandwich to pull off the marshmallow

Food Hussy Road Trip: The Brickyard 400 - Thanks Kroger!!!!!

I've done a few posts for Kroger which have allowed me to share some delicious recipes with you - like the Triple Berry Cobbler and the Praline Caramel Corn!

These are definitely two of my favorites - especially the cobbler - it's my mom's recipe and I always love making it - especially with new fruit options! So all of this is pretty normal when it comes to my Kroger posts. 

A few weeks ago they decided to treat me to something special and WOW - it was amazing! I wasn't even asked to blog about it - but I had to!!!!! 
 They invited my husband and I to go to the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis! Not only did we get to go - we had pit passes and were going to be on the track!!!! Kroger is a sponsor of the JTG Daughtery Racing Team.
 The JTG Team was awesome! They welcomed us to their motorhome and then gave us the grand tour of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We learned a lot about the race cars - like the fact that they go through $35K in tires in one race!!! Tad & Jodi are two of the racing team's owners and told us when they started the team - they did pretty much everything themselves (pit crew & all) - but 20+ years later - they have a great team.

Tad took us on a tour and made sure we all kissed the bricks. Neither of us started the day as "NASCAR fans" so we didn't know about the tradition - but we quickly learned...a lot!

On our tour we got up close with the Pace Car which was being driven by Jeff Gordon and got to see the cars up close as well while they were doing pre-race checks. This is a completely unique and amazing way to see a race. They actually have two cars - but once things are set with one - you have to go with that car. The backup is more for pre-race day incidents. There are also 7-8 checkpoints that the cars go through before the big race. And if you don't pass -you have to start all over. It was pretty amazing - I can't imagine if a big NASCAR fan was there - they would have been geeking OUT!
Finally it was race time! Earlier in the day we met the JTG Daughter team drivers - and they chatted with us a bit. The Kroger #47 car is driven by AJ Allmendinger and he's a veteran on the NASCAR circuit. After meeting them briefly - they had interviews and pre-race rituals to take care of - but then - we got to get pics on the track with them as well. It's crazy to think about how much non-racing work these guys have to do - if only all they had to do was drive a car! That's only probably 1/10th of their job!

Next up we met Chris Beuscher who drives the #37 Clorox/Bush's Beans car. They're on the same team but Chris is only in his second year. They were hilarious together - definitely an older/younger brother dynamic.

Then it was RACE TIME!!!

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At this point - we were taken to the track and we sat on top of the pit crew! It was by far the coolest way to watch the race! We were in Beuscher's pit but had headphones and were hearing the happs with Allmendinger's team so it was cool knowing what was going on with his car, etc. We got to see the pit crew do their thing up close & personal.  Everything is so much faster and louder than you could ever imagine.

The race was bonkers and had tons of wrecks and lead changes so it was pretty crazy. In the end - our team drivers didn't win but we had a fantastic time. And - by the end of the day - Larry said "I'm gonna start watching NASCAR!!" so a fan was created.

Thanks so much to Kroger and the JTG Daughtery Racing Team for the exciting experience.

Food Hussy Review: Smoker EZ - Milford

There's a great little BBQ spot that I came across and had to share! 

In the parking lot of the Wine Connection on Rt 28 in Milford - pretty much every weekend - you'll find Smoker EZ smoking some goodies! 

 The menu is simple but delicious! If you get there early enough they also have ribs. 

My typical order is a pulled pork sandwich with beans and jalapeno poppers. Everything is really great! The pulled pork is tender and juicy and they have two kinds of sauce - a mustard based and a regular bbq. The beans are great as well - they have pork and seasonings added to them - plus I add the mustard based sauce to the sandwich and the beans.

The jalapeno poppers are so great and they're not very spicy! They take the seeds out and fill them with cream cheese, wrap them in bacon and smoke them. So good! They're smoky but it's not overpowering.

Smoker EZ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Food Hussy Recipe: Egg Free Stuffed Meatballs

I love spaghetti and meatballs but my husband is allergic to eggs so I've never made meatballs for him. But recently I was able to call in to Christopher Kimball's podcast Milk Street Radio and ask him and Sara Moulton a question (um awesome!) - so I put him to the test and asked what could I do?

And they gave me the secret to replacing eggs in meatballs, meatloaf - or even crab cakes! And I was pretty surprised by it!

A panade! Admittedly, I said - a what? A panade is just a mixture of starch and liquid added to ground meat. Christopher and Sara said you just soak bread in milk and add that to your meat - that will act as the binder to the meat like an egg would and keep it moist.

They also said the panade would work with crab cakes - so I'll have to test that next!

I just took one piece of white bread and soaked it in maybe half a cup of milk. I just stuck it in the milk and forked it around a bit and it dissolved pretty quick. I didn't want it to completely disintegrate so I didn't leave it in too long.
Next - I make-a-the-meatballs! (Imagine an old Italian woman saying it!) I went super simple to just see if this would work - and I had some mozzarella cheese in the fridge so I decided to ramp it up by stuffing them! I would say I used about 75% of the panade for 1 pound of meat. Also - because you're using a slice of bread - no need for breadcrumbs.

After mixing my hamburger with the panade and seasonings - I grabbed a pinch of meat and put the chunk of mozzarella in the middle then molded the meat around the cheese.

Then I put my meatballs on a cooling rack on a foil lined cookie sheet. I also sprayed the cooling rack so they don't stick.

Luckily I had a piece of mozzarella left and Mysty was more than eager to take that off my hands. 

After about 20 minutes - I took them out - I would say that next time I would take them out at 15 minutes. I think my cheese chunks were pretty big and they exploded a bit. But hey - exploding cheese is not a bad thing. And I was able to lift the cooling rack and save grab some of the cheese and put it on my pasta!

Then I topped with my favorite jarred marinara and dinner was served. Larry was so surprised that he got to eat meatballs! He's always hesitant when I try something new but once he tried them - he was sold! He even ate leftovers - which he NEVER does! THAT is success!

Stuffed Egg-Free Meatballs!


* 1 pound ground beef or pork
* Favorite seasonings: salt, pepper, Italian blend
      * I used Colonel De's Parmageddon and Where's the Beef
* 1 slice bread
* 1/2 cup milk
* 8 oz mozzarella cheese, cubed


  1. Preheat oven to 400ºF. Line cookie sheet with foil, top with a baking rack and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Mix together milk and bread and mush the bread into the milk until it's a thick pasty mixture. 
  3. Mix together ground meat, seasonings and some of the panade mixture into a large mixing bowl. Add the panade gradually and just use enough for the meat to bind properly - you don't want it soupy. Do not overwork - you'll make the meatballs tough. 
  4. Grab a pinch of the meat mixture and place a cheese cube in the middle - then wrap the meat around the cheese. 
  5. Roll it slightly to a ball shape and set on the baking rack. 
  6. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, or until meatballs are browned and cooked through.