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Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Smart Talk Giveaway! Vy Higginsen

It's time for another Smart Talk speaker! These always sneak up on me...the show is in less than two weeks! 

Vy Higginsen is responsible for a number of remarkable media firsts: 

* she was the first black woman to host a morning radio show in New York City
* the first woman in advertising sales at Ebony Magazine
* the first black woman to produce a drama on Broadway (August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone)
* and the creative force behind a series of wildly successful gospel-themed musicals, including Mama I Want to Sing

These shows have toured Europe, Japan and the United States, and led Higginsen to establish the Mama Foundation for the Arts, which promotes arts and culture in her hometown of Harlem. She'll give an inspiring talk called "Seeing No Limitations."

Buy Tickets or win them from me! Leave a comment with your name and a way to contact you and you're entered to win a pair of tickets to see (and meet) Vy Higginsen. The show is Tuesday April 17 at 730pm at the Aronoff Center. 

I'll select the winner next Friday (ugh - a Friday the 13th?! I don't need one of those right now!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gourmet Dogs and Arianna Huffington

Quite a while ago, the kind folks at Mayday in Northside sent me coupons for a couple of free dogs - life being what it is - it took me a while - but I finally got to try them! I grabbed my good friend Jen and we headed down for a couple of dogs! 

It's basically a bar that serves food - the signage isn't great - but it's on the corner - so if you think you're in the general area and you see a bar on the corner - that's it. They have a pretty interesting beer menu as well.

Here's the food menu - the sheets and pencils are on the tables and you just mark what you want and hand it to the very friendly bartender! There are some pre-selected dog choices or you can make your own. On the side you can have Husman's chips or a salad.

They also have a few other options on the back of the menu and their specials. We happened to be there on Dog-N-Draft night and that was pretty popular among the other patrons.

You get a number too - it was kinda funny to get a number since when we ordered - we were the only people there. But #10 we were!'s a bar. 

I went for the Chicago dog ($6) and it came with tomato, onion, spicy mustard, sweet green relish, sport peppers and celery salt. This was a really good dog - the bun might have been the most stand-out item. It was thick hearty bread - crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The best part about the bun - IT WAS SALTED!!!! Turns out it's a house-made pretzel bun - I was definitely in love with that.

With the bun's firmness - it was a bit difficult at times to really get a bite of all the stuff and bun. That's the way it is at times with big hot dogs - but it was good.

I got the salad with lemon dijon dressing. It was nice - no iceberg lettuce and the lemon dijon was very tart. I'm not much for potato chips so I would definitely go for the salad.

Jen went with a create-your-own dog - obviously there's cheese and mustard - but not sure what else. She really liked it as well. She's a tiny little thing but she finished her dog as well.

Since our dogs were free - I wanted to try one of the sides. We went for the Mac-N-Cheese ($4) topped with the pretzel bun crumbs.

Honestly - it was just okay. It wasn't very cheesy tasting. It was fine but we didn't even finish it. 

After the dogs, we headed to the Smart Talk series to hear Arianna Huffington - and got to meet her after! She is truly an amazing woman and a wealth of knowledge! Next up for Smart Talk is Kara Dioguardi - ticket giveaway coming soon! 

Why Should You Go? The hot dogs are really good and if you like beer - they have some interesting selections. And I'm all over those pretzel buns - wish I could buy those in the store!

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