Okay - so no restaurant review today - I actually cooked food in my house - my stove was shocked!!!!

But when do you usually go out to eat? On a date - right - so food + hussy = a little blog about dating.

So here are a couple of pointers for guys posting photos on Eharmony:

Lesson 1. Don't post a photo of yourself with Nick Lachey. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Wow - Nick is hot...
* Who is that douchebag that wanted his picture taken with Nick Lachey???

Lesson 2. Don't unbutton your shirt past the nipple line. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Is that David Hasselhoff?
* that Hasselhoff?

(and please don't mock me for being on Eharmony - I already know how schmucky it is!)


  1. Actually, the second guy is kinda cute. The first guy...

    ...I thought you were supposed to pose with uglier people to make urself appear more attractive? Apparently the opposite is true.

  2. I agree - the 2nd guy is kinda cute - but I can't hassle the 'hoff!!!