Jean Robert - Round 2

Well I'm feeling like Jean Robert is going to see my review of Lavomatic and ban me from all of his restaurants - and we can't have that!!!! So to rectify - I'm going to have my second posting be about the amazingness that is Pigall's.

I went to Pigall's for the 4 course for $40 a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing!!!

If you haven't been - go - GO NOW!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening you can get the $40 special. They have a wine pairing for an additional $20.

The portions are great...and every course was perfect! I can't remember everything about it - but the main thing that stands out (and this is a few weeks later) - is the ravioli! It was the appetizer - simply amazing! I know I had some shrimp in there too somewhere.

Okay - this is a crappy blog - I'm realizing that - but really - just a plug for Pigall's. If you haven't made the time for the summer special - do it!

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It's Pigalls - DUH!
2. They change the menu the 15th of every month - so you can keep going and get new stuff!
3. I went to Oceanaire and their pre-theatre menu was $40 - less food and not near as good!
4. Closest thing to Daniel or Gordon Ramsey's The London that I've had in Cincinnati!
5. I'm using exclamation points cuz it was yummalicious!!!! Duh!!!!

Obviously they get my "Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing!" rating!

I'm going back after June 15 - anybody want to join me????

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  1. wishing I was back in Cincy for the scrumptalishiousness that is Pigalls!

  2. What a front runner! you can't even remember anything great just want suck his C--- A plug for a place that's out of business You suck as a critic!

  3. Okay - I don't like to respond to crassness but hello - I wrote it before it closed douchebag!