Jordan Valley - lunch that you have twice!

Ran out for a quick bite today at work - this is only 1/2 block away - ugh - never going back! 

Now don't get me wrong - I like dirty. I'm fine with dirty places - it wasn't the dirty that I didn't like! 

It was plain and simple - the food sucks! 

The pita was burnt and tasteless. The chicken tasted like liver??? Not sure how that happens -  but it was gross and had no seasoning that I could taste - but it did have seasoning I could see (ew - what was it???). 

I'd walk the 3 blocks to Mythos next time and get something edible and delicious. 

And this gets the first (but definitely not last) 1 star = Not touching that - not even with your mouth! (That's what she said.) (God love Michael Scott!)

What's your favorite Greek/Lebanese place? 


  1. Love your blog! I live at the McAlpin so I am equidistance (was that a word) from Jordan Valley and Mythos. I love Mythos!!!! I have been to Jordan Valley and thought it was edible but nothing great. I mean how do they stay in business? Was there a crowd?

  2. If you love Mythos - hop in the car and drive to It's Greek To Me - it's on Dixie Highway - it's even better (at least for a gyro)!

    Yeah I will NOT be back to JV...gak!

    There wasn't a crowd but there was maybe 10 people - ugh - they must be dumb or the Scientology from next door has injured their brain cells!


  3. Your "review" is a overreaction after a single trip

    It's a half block away, so I am sure you could make a second trip, and here's what you do

    a) Ask to see the owner, whose name is Ned. Explain that you had a less than satisfactory schwarma. I think you will find him engaging and concerned about your experience.

    b) then any of the following

    1) It's a gyro place. Get a gyro!

    2) For an even better experience, get the mac louba with the middle eastern salad. Wonderful.

    3) Try the schwarma again but with Tahini in place of the tzaziki (sp?) sauce. Much better.

    The best gyro in town is at Sebastian's on the west side.

  4. I can't get a gyro there - I'm legally bound by friendship to only get gyros at Mythos or It's Greek to Me :-) (both are amazing!) I wanted to try something more Lebanese.

    Just for you TJ - I'll go back in a couple weeks (I'm on vacation next week) and try the mac louba and salad! I will report back!!!!

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. To use your same logic - if it could be called that - are all the patrons of Wah Mee degenerate perverts because Hustler Hollywood is located so close by?

    You: absolutely

    The rest of us: Huh? How so?

    Not sure why you felt is was necessary to include these bits of nasty pettiness in your response. Ah well, it's your blog, and your credibility.....enjoy

  6. Well Wah-Mee is gross too - I went there once and paid way too much for less than mediocre Chinese food.

    And hey - this is a blog - it's for fun - I'm not getting paid by anybody to be nice - I'm just trying to get people talking and eating and enjoying life.

    It's for fun!!!!

    I like eating out - I like writing - I like laughing!!!!

    If I wanted to read reviews where they never said anything negative and it was all sunshine and roses - I'd pick up the Enquirer!

    Geez TJ - I even said I'd go back!!!!!

  7. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that TJ is a scientologist.

    I've been to JV a couple of times and it was good (but not great) both times. Definitely try again and report back.

    Sebastian's is great. Chicago gyros is good but do not get the chicken.

    If you're ever in Montgomery try the gyros at European Cafe next to Montgomery Inn. Also very good.

  8. It cracks me up - people want you to give every place a second chance- but the point is - they should impress every person every time!

    I'll have to try Sebastian's sometime. Thanks for the reco!

  9. No, TJ is not a scientologist.

    TJ hates all things scientology related to the point of refusing to watch movies with Tom Cruise in them

    TJ also does not like talking about himself in the third person, so TJ will stop that now.

    That said - try the gyro. try the mac louba. Don't proclaim a place sucks (or worse, as your title does here) on the basis of a single item. Even Jean Robert has bad days. Even Per Se in New York has bad days. Etc, Etc, Etc.

  10. Well I will always love Andy's which is spot-on any visit. As for gyros I loves me some Greek Isles up in Liberty Township. If you're up there be sure to try their spicy feta's ridiculously good!

  11. Hello Food Hussy! (Love the name.) I am new to the area and plan on tuning in to your blog for some helpful hints.

  12. Keep reading my blog - thanks for stopping by - there's lot of hints - especially in my vacation blog - good one to check if you're new to town!


  13. laughing at the back and forth rant between you and TJ. A coworker of mine loves JV. I've never been but will give it a try eventually. Personally if I want a damn good gyro that's full lamb (I don't eat beef so none of that half beef and half lamb crap works), I go to the Mediterranean Store in Clifton. It's a little grocery store/eating joint. They have one guy that I always see manning the register, making the food and providing excellent customer service. It's on the same side as the thai place and the esquire.

  14. OMG - just went there a couple weeks ago - got a container of hummus and it was DELIGHTFUL! i definitely will try the gyros...

    My favorite Gyro is still It's Greek to Me - huge and yummy -

    now i'm hungry!

  15. Why in so many industries where sub-par service and products we expect restaurants to be above the bar every time or it's shit. I mean it's lunch in a QSR (quick service restaurant)it is what it is. one of my problems with your blog is you always complain about price, if you can't afford to eat out pack P and J and an apple. Food doesn't come to these places free and it doesn't say free store on the door . Maybe post the price and let reader decide what's fair. (because you do whine a lot about price)