The girls and I decided to head out to Mesh for a fun girls night out last night! It was great!

We had a wide variety of tastes and palettes so let's run through them:

Amuse buche - parmesan torte I think - it was cold, kind of crispy and fairly bland - but points for it being vegetarian

Julia - crab appetizer (delicious!!!), lobster mashed potatoes (not that great - dry), asparagus (fine), poppers (lots of potato and fairly spicy - maybe add some cheese?)

Jen - (our vegetarian) - house salad (sturkeys amazing dressing and dried cherries!!), asparagus (fine) and shoestring potatoes (she didn't comment but did clean her plate)

Heather (me!) - house salad (love love love) and scallop dinner (scallops were cooked wonderfully, spinach & mushroom risotto was just okay - fairly bland - i really want to like risotto but it never lives up to the taste i'm hoping for)

Dessert - we got the coconut cake & coconut/lime ice cream - really really great! We split it three ways and it was really light and tasty!

I also want to apologize to the older couple that was celebrating their anniversary next to us - I just got some for the first time in like 6 months the night before and we were discussing it - and we were loud (no - me???). Those poor people - we tried to be quiet and use code words for things like blow job and penis size...hahahahahaha.

I give Mesh the 3 star = That's like generic mac & cheese - almost perfect - but it's not the blue box!

I've liked it better other times but it was a fun girls night out!


  1. You need to try their parsnip chips!

  2. Do they still douse the salad with dressing? I swear they used at least 1/4 c dressing in the salad. i like tasting something else bedsides the dressing. Too Sweet.

  3. I loved Mesh with the Sturkeys - I need to revisit now that they're gone.