RuThai's Review

Saturday night was my 2nd date with Joe. He requested I call him Hunky McStudmuffin - after I stopped laughing - I just told him - um no. hahaha

Our first date was his choice - Ron's Roost in Price Hill. Second date - my choice - so I took him to my favorite place - RuThai's in Mt. Lookout Square.

I can tell you now - this will not be an unbiased review. I love RuThai's - it's cheap and healthy and delicious. It's also BYOB!

The photo is of my salad - yes I remembered to take a picture!!! Their salad is the best! It's got this amazing peanut dressing and one of these days I need to ask them what it is and see if I can take some home. I love it! (This is the only pic though - I forgot to take a picture of our entrees until they were 3/4 gone - ugh - when will I learn????)

My date got the basil vegetable noodles and they looked great. Lots of veggies and he was very happy. I got "my usual" - Berron roll and UK roll. The berron roll has salmon & cream cheese and is fried. The UK has seafood and avocado. Both are awesome and I love them!!!!

Overall - I just love RuThai's. It's such a great place and is always so tasty! The spicy fish is truly my favorite dish - but I was craving sushi. They're closed on Monday's - but get down there ASAP!

Definitely the
4 star = Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing!RuThai's
Neighborhood: Mt Lookout
3164 Linwood Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208
(513) 871-7687

Oh - the date - it was pretty good. I'm not calling him Hunky McStudmuffin though...his name is Joe - I could call him Scrawny McSpongebob...(he's not scrawny - but he mocked Eminem so that's what he gets!)

Food Hussy - PEACE OUT!


  1. I love Ruthai. We visit there frequently. The house salad with peanut dressing is AWESOME. They know how much I love the tofu that is on it so I always get extra... now have discovered their tofu appetizer is the same tofu. Its wonderful. I usually have sushi there but their green seafood curry was wonderful last week. Its byob, or wine in our case, so it makes a great meal even more affordable.

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