The Houston Inn - Blue Hairs Abound!

I was supposed to go to Pitrelli's tonight but they're closed this wanted to go somewhere that wasn't a chain and my friend Craig came up with The Houston Inn in Mason.

Wow - this place is interesting! hahahaha - Have you been?

I was the youngest person by about 40 years! They have a salad bar with over 55 items on it! (I didn't count) It also features a pan of about 100 deviled eggs - which was great since my friend has been known to say "I'd rather shoot myself in the head than eat a deviled egg." He must have had a bad experience as a child with mayonnaise.

So I had the night's special - crab cakes. Now with your meal ($13.95) you get the salad bar, 2 sides (tonight's vegetable and yams were my selections) and bread (rolls and southern "non-sweet" cornbread). That's a bargain!

The crab cakes were rather bready, the yams didn't really need to be chewed, the stewed tomatoes were out of a can and the salad bar was - well - a salad bar (it was good). The salad bar had lots of salads, cheeses, dressings, etc... not many vegetables.

My friends had fettucini alfredo with mushrooms (she liked it) and 2 prime ribs (medium was moreso medium rare and an end cut which was well well well well done and unrecognizable).

The "ambiance" was just a banquet room with booths and tables that smelled of Old Spice and Preparation H.

Overall I'll give it a 2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!

If you know or need to dine out with some old people - go to Houstons! Although we didn't try the frog legs which is what they're known for. But I can't fathom all the poor little frogs going around the bottom of the pond in wheelchairs.

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  1. Thats a pretty harsh review mostly based on the people. Seems pretty snobby to me. Get over yourself.

  2. I have been going there for years.
    The food is good , the value is good and its hard to find a salad bar around this area. My only negative comment is that the decor
    hasn't changes in 40 years and nether has most of the furnishings.
    Definately needs a make-over inside & out !

  3. I agree with this blog review completely. Locals think of the Houston Inn as very mundane "old people's food." It's not snobbery, it's facts. The menu, the decor and the concept are way outdated. The food is "blah." A family member tries to avoid eating here when she is asked to join friends here.

  4. The Houston Inn is a staple of the city of Mason. Where generations have enjoyed incredible food, that is freshly prepared with care and that family essence you can't find any where else. Why should the restaurant change when it has been the setting for family gatherings, business deals, and celebrity outings for thousands of patrons. God Bless the Eves family for all they do and all they've done. Great food, and even better service.