New York City Restaurant Tour: Albatinos, Aquagrill, Ruby Foo's, The Modern, Perilla, Magnolia Cupcakes,

Okay - as if the picture to the left doesn't say enough????? 

So yes - I met Taylor. It was fabulous. I loved it. I loved him. He touched me. Ahhhhhhhh. 

So - the food - good lord - I ate my way through NYC. Let's give the rundown...


Bagel time! Every morning - bagel. It's the law. 

Abitinos Pizza - we were walking and had reached Times Square and were starving. So we hit the pizza place. Good solid pizza for NYC. They popped it in the oven and made it crispy. I had mozzerella and ricotta - very very yummy! It's a bit Sbarros-like...would have rather had something more authentic and local but I was about to die. If you're on Times Square - go for it - but try and search out something more local. 

Aquagrill - We headed there for my birthday dinner. I have never had oysters before so we decided to try some. They have the largest and best raw bar in the city (supposedly from Zagat's). The salty ones were good - can't remember which coast they were from - but I liked them - especially with cocktail sauce (is that blasphemy??? they put it on the tray!). My dinner was truffle encrusted cod with mushroom ravioli. It was cooked very well and the ravioli and dark mushroomy sauce were terrific. I had a terrine of some sort as an appetizer - didn't like it so much. Then, they knew it was my birthday and brought me out a birthday dessert (as seen above!). It wasn't good - well the little chocolates were but the rest was gross. Meal cost $50 without wine - approx. Eh - it was good but I wouldn't go back on a return NYC trip. Go if you like oysters! 

Ruby Foo's Times Square - After seeing Grease and touching Taylor...I was thirsty! We decided to go for a low key bar where we could talk and I could bask in my post-coital glow (I wish!). We chose Ruby Foo's. We had shrimp dumplings which were tasteless and soggy. The bartender was wonderful and very chatty! She was a delight and made great drinks. Then, out comes a huge gigantic double piece of birthday carrot cake! The bartender heard me talking and got it for me. It came with a side of rum syrup. This cake was to die for and I don't even like carrot cake!!!! We ate one piece and then saved the rest (breakfast on Monday). Go for drinks and carrot cake - trust me!!!!


Bagel time...

The Modern - after walking 16 more miles, we went to the Modern at the Museum of Modern Art for lunch. I would have just as soon had street food - but hey - Scott paid - so sure - let's go! He really wanted to try it. It's pretty but also pretty pricey. Serving size is extremely small. Taste was fine but nothing that great. I wouldn't go back there either. Again - about $30-50/person (although I was cheap and only had 1 course at $17 and water). Skip it and just check out the art...

Perilla - my one request besides Taylor-time was that I wanted to go to a Top Chef restaurant (the reality show that is). Scott gave me the guideline of it needed to get at least a 24 in Zagat's. So - we chose Perilla. Harold, the winner of Season 1, is the owner and chef.  First I had to try the duck meatballs - it was his signature dish. They were great - so flavorful and such a combination of flavors. Enjoyment in every bite and very moist. Then I wanted cow - so I got this amazing hanger steak. Now Scott tells me that's a fairly cheap cut of meat. Well it was FABULOUS. The sauce was dark and had lots of mushrooms and the steak was cooked TO PERFECTION! It was the best thing I ate the entire trip! We also saw Harold chatting it up with a couple wannabe hussies at the next table! Again - $50/person (without wine on all prices). Go and get the steak!!!

Magnolia Cupcakes - we had to go there - we just had to. And let me tell you - it was worth it. You see - you must understand - by this point - Scott had made me walk probably 200 miles in sandals that were not made for that much walking. And I took a hip hop class with 20 year old dancers (um - can you say reality check?~!). My feet HURT with every step. I literally winced with every step. But a pink on white cupcake from Magnolia that cost 4 damn dollars - that was heaven. I wish I had some right now. They're really really really sugary. Really! Like diabetic coma sugary. New Yorkers don't think they're worth it - although I went late on a Sunday night so there wasn't much of a wait. So get one - just make sure it's after 9pm. Actually get a box of them! 


Carrot cake - I had to eat it before we checked out. Rum Syrup is wonderful. 

Street Food - it was falafel sandwich vs. gyro. Yes at $3 each - I ordered both! The gyro won hands down. The falafel sandwich was huge and spicy and messy as hell. The gyro wasn't as good as It's Greek To Me but it was good. And at $3 - how can you pass it up???? The winner of the showdown is GYRO!  

Then I rolled myself to LaGuardia...and onto The Pine Club in Dayton...that's the next review. 

And to round it out - my worldly advice. If you go to NYC - suck it up and go to one $100 meal (Daniel, The London) rather than 2-3 $30-50 meals. The service and the quality of food is that much better. It's really astounding. 

My next trip will be Soho/Greenwich Village and a $100 meal. I can't wait!


  1. Hey I LOVE that picture of you and Taylor! I'm so glad you got to see the show! (sorry I posted this comment under the wrong blog the first time)

  2. Thanks for the comment! Meeting Taylor was great!!!!