Oh Mr. Red Lobster - Have I become a Red Snobster??????

So my great friend Lou wanted to take me out for my birthday to Red Lobster. Now - Red Lobster has always been one of my favorite places so I was excited!!!!

We were STARVING and unfortunately had to wait for about 30 minutes - but that's not a surprise on a Sunday night in Kenwood.

I ordered my standard crab alfredo - which is always my favorite. As seen by the photo to the left - it's a heart attack in a bowl - but I love crab (just not the work that goes with crab legs).

Before we get to the main dish - we of course have to discuss the best part of any Red Lobster visit...THE BISCUITS! I had a salad too - it was fine...but the biscuits were perfection as always. Luckily Lou hates them - so they were ALL MINE!!!!

If you don't know - you can also buy the Bisquick mix and make them at home for yourself - I can never quite get the baking time perfect but they're very close...

Okay - onto the main dish - it was good - there was a ton of food (as you can see) and I liked it.

But I think I've become a Food Snob!!!!!! I mean - it was okay - but I just wasn't wowed. I think I ate too much and it just wasn't anything special. I guess it was just a big blob of alfredo without much flavor. Can I expect to be wowed by Red Lobster or have I become a Red Snobster?

Have any of you become food snobs? Have you been eating at non-chain fancy places and now you can't go back to your roots? Or do you still have the yearn for Texas Roadhouse Ribs or Don Pablos Queso Dip (God I hope not!).

So I'm giving Red Lobster a 2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying! The rating is probably because someone else WAS buying!

Red Lobster, 8220 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236


  1. I will occasionally crave a happy meal, but for the most part, I've become a food snob.

    I think it because my palate has become a lot more refined now that I've started going to places where the chefs know what they are doing. With a lot of chains like Red Lobster, I feel like the kitchen staff is just a bunch of college kids with summer jobs and no real interest in culinary excellence.

    I went to Ruby Tuesday today and just thought the meat was greasy and the food was so-so. I'll join you in food snobbery, if you like.

  2. I do love a turkey burger at red robin - and sliders from ruby tuesday and hell - i always love skyline...

    but it's the applebees, fridays and red lobsters of the world that i think i'm done with!

    i can get a better meal for the same price at a local place...

    glad i'm not alone at least!