two Two TWO times the blog! Via Vite & Ron's Roost

So I realized I forgot to blog about my fancy lunch day last week - but then I also had a date this weekend at a restaurant I'd never been to - so you get TWICE THE BLOG!

Let's start with fancy lunch day - we have started something at work called FANCY LUNCH DAY. It's a day where we go to lunch at places that don't have paper napkins. This time around we went to Via Vite in Fountain Square.

Our crew was a little light this month because of meetings - but come on people - where's your dedication? Work is more important than FANCY LUNCH DAY???? I think not! Thank God I have my priorities straight! 

I'll only comment on my entree since it's the only one I tasted. They have a lunch special that gives you a salad and pasta for $14 - which is pretty good considering the regular pasta is $13 (you do get a smaller portion). I got the salad - which was extremely good! I don't remember why - but I loved it! It was just a regular salad - not their goat cheese or anything like that...but tasty. Then I got fettucini with vodka sauce (hint of cream) and it was excellent! It wasn't alfredo but it did have just enough cream to make it awesome. I'd give the entree a 3 on my rating scale. 

Then we went for dessert! We each got something different and all tried each others. 3rd favorite on my list was the Hazelnut Gelato. It was great and very tasty - better than I thought it would be - but for the same price as the other two - not my choice. 2nd was the Orange Tart - very very creamy and delicious - really nearly a tie for 1st! It was almost like a creme brulee texture without the brulee. The crust was light and flaky - it was very good and not at all overpowering with the orange (which I feared it might be). But #1 - Chocolate Panna Cotta! DELISH - and very deserving of my 4 star = Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing!
The dish was creamy, rich and just damn awesome and amazing. I want to go back just for that! 

One caviat - not a bright waitress - I thought I knew what Panna Cotta was (and turns out I did) so I asked her and she said it was like a souffle. WTF? 

So there you go - one down - one to go. 

I had a date Sunday night - it was a first date - and he was...brace yourself...a WEST SIDER!!!! Yes - universal groans across the city are now being heard... But turns out - not all guys on the west side are dirty! Joe is a very nice guy and we had a nice time and are going out again Saturday night. (So you'll get a review of the fantastic Mt Lookout favorite RuThai's this weekend.) But who cares about the date - let's get to the dinner! 

He took me to...brace yourself...Ron's Roost in Price Hill. 

Needless to say - I was a little underwhelmed at the prospect of it all. I muddle my way through the Google Maps directions and venture over to the dreaded West Side. Will my lovely Tonka Truck be overwhelmed by spinners and hydraulics? Will I come away with an eviction notice and a job at Burger King? 

But alas...none of those things happened! I found my way just fine and no Tonka Trucks were harmed in the making of this dinner date! 

Ron's Roost is known for their fried chicken and I love fried chicken. But the thought of being on a first date and gnawing on a bone with grease and grissle just didn't sound like the best way to go. I mean - oh - there are so many inappropriate ways to go with that...but I'll take the high road for once and just let the jokes lie there...

(pause for you to think of them and laugh on your own - or comment them to me)

I got the crab cakes - it's a daintier meal. 

The bread is homemade and wonderful - very light and airy and soft with soft butter (a pet peeve of mine is restaurants with butter from the fridge!). 

I got the crab cakes with a baked potato and green beans. The cakes came with a great sauce that was a little spicy and very tasty. They weren't as good as the Lobster Cakes from Fresh Market but they were better than The Houston Inn from last week. The sides were bland as to be expected...

Overall the food wasn't bad - it wasn't great - but not bad. I wish I would have gotten the chicken - but I'll save that for next time. 

Ron's Roost is - from what I hear - a staple of the West Side and I can see why. It's probably very consistent and it's moderately priced. I did bring the median age down quite a bit - but if you want to take your parents out to a great meal - try it! And please - try the chicken - even if you're on a date! 

I'll give Ron's a 2.5 - the food isn't that great honestly - but it's got character...maybe if I'd had the chicken it'd be a 3. Any thoughts????

p.s. Went to Zip Dip after - DELICIOUS OF COURSE! But duh - how do you screw up a small twist cone? 
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  1. I can't wait for your review on RuthThai in Mt Lookout. I have a bottle of wine I want to BYOB to a restaurant and not get charged a corking fee so we might go there this weekend! Cute blogs..they really are entertaining.

  2. Oh - I can already tell you - RuThai's is FABULOUS! I go all the time and love it. The sushi is awesome but I have to say - the spicy fish is by far my favorite dish! GO GO GO!

  3. I'm a west side girl and 1. Ron's Roost is NOT in price hill. It's in Bridgetown. 2. I think I'm the only girl on the west side that doesn't like Ron's Roost and I cringe when I hear the words "hot slaw". 3. I married a west side boy...he's sweet, gorgeous, is a good husband and father, has all of his own teeth and makes pretty darn good money. ;)