Awesome Burgers - Kentucky-style!

I read the article this week on and was definitely interested - then I was with my friend Lou tonight (she's now on my blog list - check her out! she's the picky eater) and she said "hey there's this new little "dirty" place near my house - wanna go???"

Of course I do! "Dirty" is okay in my book - I really love it! It's a compliment...

So off we go - to Bard's Burgers in Latonia. I have to say - it's a deal!!! And I thought it was tasty!

Bard's is a cute little place in Latonia - real bright and simple place. We got there at 8pm on Saturday night and it was PACKED! We had to wait a few minutes for a table but the tables turned quick and the food was very fast!

There were only 2 servers and they were RUNNING! Bard's serves Coke products and the menu is very very simple - chicken, burgers, fries, salads, milkshakes - that's it. We each got a burger - I got mine with everything. They have a "special sauce" that is a chipotle dijonnaisse - it's good stuff! A single burger is $2.95!!!!!!

The fries are very Penn Station-esque as they are fried in peanut oil. The salads are just iceberg lettuce and some other toppings - but obviously nothing fancy.

But seriously - it's a good homemade burger - very tasty! The fries were okay - not quite as good as Penn Station but still good.

The best part - we each got a burger, split a large fries, 2 soft drinks and a milk shake... Our grand total - $13.14.


Okay - so it wasn't exactly on my Weight Watchers regimen - but I've been good all week and that's what flex-points are for! The burger was great - not quite the ambiance of Terry's Turf Club but still - if you're in NKY - you gotta check it out!

I'm gonna give it a solid 3 stars - and the price is awesome!!!

Bard's Burgers

3620 Decoursey Ave, Covington, KY 41015

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  1. I tried to go there at 730 pm on march 26th 2011 , and was told the kitchen was closing , and was unable to recieve service there , how did you pull off going there at 8 pm , the sign on the door said they closed on saturdays at 8pm???!!!

  2. I went more than 2 years ago - I'm sure things have changed...

    I hope you get to go sometime - I keep thinking I should go back - but am just not over there too often.