Fancy Lunch Day #5! A great success!!!!

This week we finally got around to Fancy Lunch Day #5 and wow - was it a great success!!!!!

We chose to leave the confines of downtown Cincinnati and move it on the South a deluxe cafe on the row-ow-oad...movin on the...oh fine - I'm singing the Jeffersons theme song for no reason...

So where was FLD#5? It was at the Greenup Cafe in Covington.

I took lots of pics with the coworkers...we have some of the highlights above...

Top Left: Quiche - Jen said it was great...
Top Right: Crab Cakes - meh - they were okay - I wouldn't order them again. The lobster cakes from Fresh Market are better.
Bottom Left: DESSERT! The big winner was the white chocolate creme brulee by far!
Bottom Right: Our rating - 3.5 stars!!
Middle and Star of the Lunch: Croissant sandwich with tomatoes, avocado, brie and red onion! It was melty (but not warmed) and tasty and crisp and just all around AWESOME!

The atmosphere also strongly deserves mention and heck - why not another photo:

Greenup is so inviting and cozy. They've kept this home in tact with all the different rooms. The rooms are all painted extremely vibrant and beautiful colors. Each room is also covered in beautiful paintings and pictures... I loved it!

I would definitely give it 3.5 stars as shown above - not quite 4 but it was great!

Lastly, I made a reservation via Open Table which wasn't at all necessary - but hey - I got my 100 pts so that's coo!

Greenup Cafe
308 Greenup St.
Covington, KY 41011
Tel. 859.261.3663

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  1. I know this is an old post but just wanted to give an update on Greenup cafe. They no longer have their fabulous brie advocado croissant which is unfortunate, but their desserts are as good as always! Don't go in the winter time though. Due to lack of insolation in this old historic building, it get really cold if you sit near the window. In the summer however, the back patio is beautiful and if you are more a people watcher, there are tables out front on the sidewalk. The last few times I was there, I had the eggs benedict while my boyfriend had the huevos rancheros. Both are delicious, every time! I just wish they would add on some new items to replace that croissant...

  2. I love this restaurant one of my favorites in the city. You should also give Otto's on Mainstrasse a try!