MADD Walker!!!

Hi friends, neighbors, countrymen - okay - no idea where that came from - but there it is.

I've brought you much joy and laughter and hopefully some good food ideas...well hell...I'll hope for any one of them and now I'm asking for something back...

My good friend Danielle lost her husband a little over four years ago to a repeat offender drunk driver. It was a tragedy that words cannot describe. Danielle and Jason were the first people I met in Cincinnati - Jason specifically. We moved into our little apartments at the same time on a Sunday evening in May.

Danielle, myself and friends and family will be walking the Walk Like MADD walk on October 18 and we are looking for walkers and donations - both are very very welcome!

MADD is such a wonderful organization and hopefully we can keep getting the word out to prevent more senseless tragedies.

There's an orange box to the right where you can click and join the team or make a donation. Anything is appreciated in helping us hit our team goal.

Thank you much!

I'll even end with a short review - went to Roly Poly today. RP is fabulous - had a "whole" Spinach Stuffer and a cup of mushroom bisque. The soup - always delicious! The sandwich - not my favorite but I was in the mood to try something new. It comes with cornbread stuffing inside - which doesn't heat up all the way from the grill...but I will recommend the Chicken Popper - it's always my favorite. RP is also great for dieters and Weight Watchers. My whole sandwich and soup was only 11.5 pts! (9.5 for the whole sandwich) and they have lots of options for fat free dressings to go with the sandwiches. Their menu is also fabulous and has ALL of their nutritional info on it! One thing to note - the nutrition does not include the dressings - those are on a separate page.

Personally - my favorite RP is the one on Dixie Hwy - but downtown is pretty good too. The manager at Dixie is very friendly and knows my order the minute I walk in the door.

Okay - now donate some money and have a great weekend!!!!

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