Quick food, excellent service and amazing food - WHERE YOU ASK????

UPDATE - 9/6/2009

Stopped in a couple of weeks ago and had the 7 Minute Burger. I'd been hearing about this over and over and finally decided to branch out from my normal hot pastrami sandwich.

The burger was cooked perfectly - but it was extremely messy. Strangely enough - messier than Terry's and I get goat cheese on that burger! It completely fell apart. The tomatoes were just too slippery in the middle of the burger. I ate most of it open-faced in pieces.

The flavors were enjoyable and for a downtown burger - it was really good. But next time - no tomatoes.


It's Paula's Cafe!

I don't have any pics to share and time is short - so this will be too!

Paula's Rocks!!!!

I've been 3-4 times now and every time it's quality and excellence. The service is great - even drink refills - the guys do a great job! The food - so tasty! I've sampled a varitey of things - tuna melt, rueben, blt - all EXCELLENT! The price - not bad!

*Get a 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup - a full sandwich with soup is a LOT of food!
* TRY THE SOUP - I don't care what day it is - try it! The chili is great - it comes with taco ships, cheese and sour cream. BUT...
* GO ON TUESDAY!!!! The chicken & wild rice soup is the best soup I've had in forever! It's slightly creamy but not a CREAM soup. There are a ton of mushrooms in it! It was just soooo good. The chicken was tender and tasty. Really - I can't wait to go back on a Tuesday and next time I'm getting a BOWL!

You do need to get there early or prepare to wait - on a nice day - if you go at noon - they're PACKED! They do have seats at the counter and tables turn over quickly.

So check out Paula's on 4th! They get the 4 star = Oh my...um...wow...I need a minute here...cuz that is amazing!

(I had cup of soup, 1/2 rueben and soda for $8.95)

41 E. 4th (between Vine & Walnut)

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  1. I haven't been here yet but I've heard about it a few times... sounds like I need to check it out!

  2. just make sure you go on tuesday!

    i also like that you can get any of their sandwiches in a half sandwich! that's really nice...

  3. cost: expensive
    quantity: low (esp for the price)
    taste: average
    bottom line: this place serves small amonuts of very average food lik it was gourmet - which it ain't.

  4. Sorry - I disagree - I don't think $8.95 for lunch is bad at a sit-down restaurant and I came away very full! My friend got the full sandwich and soup and hers was $11.95. So yeah - it's more than Quiznos (which I love) but it's better food and service with a smile!

    The soup was my favorite part and I can't wait to go back!