Day 1 of Restaurant Week - a bit of a disappointment

Well - I explored Daveed's in Mt. Adams for the first night of Restaurant Week and have to say I was very underwhelmed.

First of all - for one of the priciest spots in town - can they get a better website??? That thing is ancient! It's 2008 people! It's not like the lack of a fancy website is keeping their prices down...

Okay - so marketing bitterness aside - the menu was:

We started with an amuse bouche of gazpacho of some kind...meh it was fine. How stunning can a drink of cold soup be?

(Side note: my pictures were blurry so I didn't both uploading them - I'll do better tonight at Hugo)

First course: Chilled Silver Queen Corn Soup
w/avocado, crème fraiche and cumin popped corn

This was great for the first 2-3 bites. One of our party didn't like it at all. I loved it - at first - but then it got to be way too rich. After about 5-6 bites - I was done and it was almost turning on me. It was a very generous portion.

Second course: Pan Seared Sea Scallops
w/cannelini beans, frisse and brown butter truffle caper

This was the best course of the evening. There was also golden raisins that plumped up in the sauce - well at least 1 - because it was in my bowl and was a welcome surprise. I thought this was good and the scallop was very large. A friend said he thought the mushy of the beans didn't contrast enough with the softness of the scallop - so take it for what it's worth. He did also
agree - this was the best course of the night. (I can be a real food snob when I want to be - I mean - I love a great $4 burger from Friendly Stop - but when I'm paying 8X that - I want more!)

Third course: Grilled Smoked Paprika Ribeye

w/Daveed’s A1 Sauce, white cheddar gratin of potato &
roasted garlic broccolini

Lastly the ribeye. Well - it was cooked perfectly! was very very fatty - which I know - ribeyes usually are a fattier cut - but this was a bit ridiculous. Every person had a palm sized portion of fat that they had cut from their meat. I would have rather had a leaner, thicker piece of meat that was smaller (that's what she said - come on!).

The broccolini was bland and flavorless. The gratin was pretty good - a little undercooked but tasty.

They also had a fettucini bolognese that one of our party of 7 got - forgot to ask him how it was. Ron - maybe you can post it in the comments! :-)

We were too full for dessert and none of them really wowed us. That was ala carte and the prices ranged from $8-$20.

But overall...I just wasn't that excited. The only thing that was mildly interesting and unique was the first course - which was far too rich after just a few bites. The scallop - while good - was a typical fancy scallop dish and the steak was standard and fatty.

I was really hoping for more and it doesn't make me want to go back.

My friend also complained about the atmosphere - to him - the fancy of Pigall's helps with the wow factor. It's elegant, the service is amazing, etc... I can see his point. This is more quaint - yet - still pretty pricey.

Also - service wasn't great. Our server was very nice and funny (we were a loud bunch) - but it was VERY slow. There was probably 15 minutes between each course and the plates sat in front of us at the end for at least another 20 minutes.

So overall - because of what I expect for the price - I'm going with a
2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!


  1. hmm, i have always wondered about daveed's since no one ever raves about it like they do about boca, pigall's, mesh, etc. and yet it is so expensive. sounds like they definitely need to step it up!

  2. Yeah - I think I'm getting Cincinnati'd out as far as food goes. My favorite places now tend to be ethnic places with more unique flavors (indian, ethiopian, thai) or just the regular cheap awesomeness (terry's, friendly stop).

    I think Boca is going to have to be my next stop since I haven't been there yet. I hear I'll have to save up though!


    p.s. my friend that had the pasta dish said i was spot on and he was underwhelmed as well.

  3. I'm so jealous! I spent probably an hour+ perusing the restaurant week menus last week, but I just got back from vacation at 1am last night, class tonight, work event tomorrow, etc.... I don't think I'm going to get to go at all!

    By the way, LOVE that's what she said. I can watch those episodes over and over.

  4. I went to Daveed's last year for the first time during restaurant week and had the same impression you did. My hubby and I were basically ignored I think because we were dining off of the special menu. We left still hungry and just overall were not impressed.

    I am with you I need to try Boca!