Day 2 of Restaurant Week - SUCCESS!

Thankfully - night 2 of Restaurant Week was a success!

Tonight, we headed to Hugo in Oakley! I've been dying to go just never had the special occasion needed to check it out.

So - for $28.08 - there were a lot of options! I had the corn fritters, frisse and hangar steak. So let's break it down...

First course - that's what you'll see to the left. Top to bottom - fried green tomatoes: they were good - not great but pretty good. Middle - pork belly - meh - it was okay. Everybody says a great pork bellly is to die for - I just haven't had it yet. Bottom - corn fritters: delish! The blob on the right was a flavored butter (I think maybe honey) and the left was chili jam. They were light and airy and very flavorful.

Second course - the frisse was great. It had so many complex flavors - apple, spicy dressing, blue cheese, etc... the frisse wasn't bitter either - which was nice.

Third course - they were out of the swordfish and had substituted with salmon. I tasted it and it was really tasty. Cooked perfectly - excellent execution. I had the hangar steak and it was AMAZING! The meat was medium rare and nearly fell apart, served with mushrooms on a sweet potato mash...just fabulous!

Then - we went for dessert and split a Huguenot Torte. It was like a walnut pecan pie tasting sort of thing - with maple ice cream on top. It was DELISH!!! Although - very very tiny.

So the food? Miles ahead of Daveed's from last night! Miles and miles and MILES!

The service? Excellent as well - plates were cleared very quickly, silverware was exchanged out every time, etc...

The only things missing to me: amuse bouche and bread - come on! Lastly - let us sit in the restaurant instead of the bar! You weren't busy and those damn bar stools suck!

BUT - overall - very very good. Interesting flavors and I definitely want to go back and try the shrimp & grits! I tried to swap it this time but they wouldn't go for it... But I'm excited to try it again!!!!

So - 3.5 stars! The food was unique, the service was great and it brought redemption back to Restaurant Week.

Hugo Restaurant
3235A Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45209
(513) 321-4846

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