Day 3 of Restaurant Week - back to boredom

Friday night I ventured out to Bella Luna in Columbia Tusculum for Restaurant Week. I went out with my girlfriends. It was again 3 courses for $28.08.

My issue with RW is that at some of the restaurants - it's not really a "deal". But I have to say Bella Luna was generous on portions. They also allowed you to add on a salad for $1 - it wasn't anything special - but the house dressing is very very interesting - thick like molasses - but tasty.

I got Mozzarella in Carozza ($6.99), Lobster & Crab Ravioli ($18.99 for full dinner portion - I'm guessing this was 1/2 that) and Pork Calabrese ($20.99 - probably not full size meat portion).

Here are some pics:

Is there anything you notice that's in all 3 pics? TOO DAMN MUCH PARSLEY!!!!!

Gordon Ramsey said - if you can't eat it - don't put it on the plate. I'm not eating a bitter ass leaf of parsley. And it was all over everything - gak! It's very old school.

So - let's break it down - course 1 - mozzerella sandwich. It was okay - the bread was a bit soggy strangely enough on one side...the cheese was tasty and the marinara was really tasty - it was the sweet chunky light type - which I like.

Course 2 - lobster & crab ravioli - meh - nothing special. There wasn't much flavor - mush mouth. Too much parsley. Was real crab and lobster though...

Course 3 - well by this point - we were all full - but I did eat half. The pork was dry, the risotto was pretty good - very cheesy and the veges were fine. Nothing with much flavor really.

Overall - a disappointment - the first course was my favorite of the 3 (but wait - dessert gets better!). It's old school Italian but is a bit pricey. I mean - I'd rather go to Pompilio's for the price.

Onto dessert - the tray is just completely full of fabulousness. They are all homemade except for a cake they ship in from Brooklyn! It looked decadent but we were extremely full. They are also very well known for their Bread Pudding (won awards at Taste). So the desserts are tiramasu, canoli, 2 types of bread pudding, etc...

They had a trio flight that had tiramasu, mini-cannoli and bread pudding. We ordered 2 of the flights: one with traditional bread pudding and one with chocolate chip bread pudding.

By far the star of the flight with 4 votes was the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. It was decadent and amazing!!!!

Another final note on service: the owner (I'm guessing) stopped by and interrupted our conversation with a story of his own that lasted at least 15 minutes. It was a little off-putting. I mean - 2-3 minutes is fine and welcome but 15 - oye - enough already. BUT on the other end - our server was great - (Lanette I think) - she was friendly, attentive and knowledgeable - just the perfect amount of everything.

Overall - giving it a 2 star (2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!) for all the food and 4 star for the dessert.

My best reco is to go to Terry's Turf Club for an awesome burger and then hit up Bella Luna for some great chocolate chip bread pudding! (Ask for Lanette's table - cuz she was great!)

Bella Luna Cafe

4632 Eastern Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 871-5862

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  1. Eww I hate parsley!

    I liked Bella Luna last time I was there, although I guess it's been about two years.. yikes, time flies! But the portobello ravioli from the taste was AMAZING... I want to just ask for a huge plate of that.

  2. Wow did we really mess up! Too much food for the price - that is a bad thing? Too much parsley - you quote Gordon Ramsey? Sorry that my attempt to entertain and make you feel at home was an interruption - you are obviously used to places that pay little or no attention to the guest. We do what we do, some like it - some don't. Sorry you found us to be below your expectations. I do this for a living and work every day to do it right. Did you have a good table, did we get you seated in an acceptable time frame? Thanks for the compliment with regards to Lynette, I will pass it on. Why not call the owner and let them know when things were not right? Oh, that would take actual converstaion. It seems to be a very comfortable thing not to acutally do, but to write about it. There is a "Critic" here in Cincy that could not hack it as a Chef and now writes about it - amazing! Stop by and introduce yourself, I promise not to bore you with another story!

  3. The object of the blog for me is to be able to provide my unbiased opinion on a restaurant. I'm glad you got to read it and that you're commenting back!

    You could serve the same meal to five people and five different reactions.

    This was my opinion of your establishment.

    Too much food is not bad - but I would rather have a smaller portion of something excellent than a larger portion of something mediocre.

    I have also completely bragged up your chocolate chip bread pudding - so trust me - I call it how I see it.

  4. Seriously, Hardees is rated higher than Bella Luna? Bella Luna is absolutely one of our favorites and this foodie cannot complain about any of the meals I've had after dining there at least 1 to 2 times per month for the last 3 years or so. We enjoy a conversation with the owner as much as we enjoy the wonderful food.