Day 4 of Restaurant Week - A Deflating and Slow End

(I can't make these pics line up - sorry!)

As soon as Restaurant Week was announced - my friend Scott wanted to go to finally we make the reservation to go to Jags. Then the day of - he says - eh - I don't wanna go. I nearly beat him!

But we went - and it was a mixed bag of tricks.

First course - he had the scallop (3rd photo) - very pretty, tasted good. I'm now a scallop snob...they just aren't doing it for me any more.

They're always cooked well and interesting but they've lost their wow. I had the tomato bisque with a mini grilled cheese panini (2nd photo). This was great! The bisque had some bite to it - as in - it was a little spicy and had some pieces in it! The grilled cheese panini was very delish as well! There was spinach, tomato and multiple cheeses!

Main course - we were a mixed bag. Scott got the veal ravioli - he wasn't impressed. Jen #1 got the vegetarian substitution and said it was borderline bad (I guess their normal vegetarian selection is very good - this was some sort of vegetable ravioli and wasn't good). Jen #2 and I went for the Chateaubriand (steak) - we weren't impressed. The steak was barely medium rare- more medium to my taste. It was also very dry and very bland. The mashed potatoes were fine - but nothing special, the asparagus - eh - no flavor - no seasoning. Basically - none of us liked our 2nd course.

Dessert - 3 of us got the brownie with peanut butter ice cream - PERFECTION (picture #1). The brownie was warm and soft and amazing - exactly how a brownie should be. The peanut butter ice cream was delightful - not too strong but just enough flavor to compliment the brownie.

(Side note - desserts have been very good at RW - now if they can just work on their entrees! Hugo, Bella Luna and Jags - all excellent desserts - unique, flavorful and just damn good!)

Lastly - we have to address the service. It sucked. The waitress was fine - but it was ridiculously slow. We waited 15+ minutes from our reservation time for our table (they weren't packed by then), then 15+ minutes to order, 30 minutes to get our first course and at least 20 minutes between 1st and 2nd courses. Waiting for checks nearly caused narcolepsy. I shot the waitress a look between 1st & 2nd and the manager came over to check on us - but she was overly fake and what are you going to say at that point "um - that was crazy slow - give us $10 off our bill?". We just nodded and smiled...

So - 1st course and 3rd course - 3.5 stars.

2nd course and service - 1 star.

I guess that's a 2.25 star average...

5980 West Chester Rd.
West Chester, Ohio 45069

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  1. First, I am so jealous that you got to do so many nights!

    Now onto Jag's... I didn't like the ravioli either, but the Chateaubriand was a perfect medium rare and our service was excellent. I'm gonna say that's the difference between a hopping Saturday night and 6:30 on a Thursday!

    I often wonder if they let the RW tables slide when they are busy (and assume that is the only time we would eat at their establishment or that they're getting a crappy tip since the meal is cheaper?). I had the same complex when I was in college and would get bad service - I'd wonder is it become I'm young and they don't think I'll tip well? (for the record I was a waitress all through college and always did, if only to prove them wrong!)

  2. Actually my next post is going to be addressed to the Restaurants that participated in Restaurant Week basically speaking to just that. I have the email of someone at GCI and plan on making sure he gets notice of it!

  3. I went to Jag's on Wednesday and while service was a little slow, I felt like the live music in the lounge more than made up for it. It gave me and my dinner companion more of a chance to savor our wine between courses... but then, I like REALLY LONG dinners so I probably didn't even notice a slower-than-usual service.

    Then again, like chick, I went mid-week so they weren't as crowded.

  4. Thats the difference between Jeff Ruby waiters and everyone else. We love every guest. That's why these out of town restaurants come in to this market, expect to pull the best help(both front and back of the house) and wow the dining public. They don't succeed because they forget what's important. THE GUEST!!!

  5. Well if Jeff Ruby's participated in Restaurant Week - maybe I could afford to go there!

    I gotta call it like I see it!